10 places to eat in the beach of Valencia

10 places to eat in the beach of Valencia

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We are very lucky in Vortex Coworking to be located in El Cabanyal, a trendy neighbourhood in Valencia. But not only that, we are also a few steps from the sea, both la Marina de Valencia (in the port of Valencia) and the beach of Valencia (Cabanyal beach and Malvarrosa beach) and, a little further, Patacona. Thanks to our location we can enjoy the food culture in this area, very different from the one we can find in the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal and of which we have written in our previous blog.

In this area of the sea (port and beach) the views of the restaurants are often the main attraction, as well as the design; prices are usually higher too, so it is not a frequent option to go to eat from our coworking on a daily basis, but rather an alternative that we reserve for special occasions, weekends or to go as an afterwork. Except for a very recent discovery where you can eat daily menu 5 steps from the sea (literal), we will tell you about it further below.

So, if you want to know which options are for us, who are not experts but just regular customers, the most attractive places to go for lunch, dinner or a drink on the beach in Valencia, keep reading!

  1. Panorama

The Panorama restaurant is one of our favorites to enjoy an amazing rice (or paella) for lunch and offers incomparable views of the sea and the beach. The restaurant is located on the jetty and thanks to its glass walls it seems that one reaches out and touches the sea. It offers a very complete menu with elaborate starters, fish, meat, good presentation and, above all, rice dishes. A place for those special occasions.

(photo credit to  @zolatw @everyu_everyme @panorama_restaurante)

Panorama is not just a restaurant, it also offers a viewpoint where you can enjoy good coffee, drinks and cocktails. It is also located by one of the best surf spots in Valencia, so on certain days (when there are waves) you can see the surfers in the water until sunset. You’ll find it just a walk of less than 15 minutes from Vortex Coworking Valencia.

Speciality: Rice + Views      –       Espigón de la Marina Real Juan Carlos I (s/n)

  1. Duna Puerto

An indisputable classic in Valencia for paellas and rice dishes. Traditional cuisine with creative touches, sophisticated and elegant. It has more than 50 varieties of rice, as well as a wide variety of market dishes, combined with a long wine list. As a first steps into this gastronomic experience, they offer starters based on the quality products: Valencian tomato with tuna, anchovy, mojama and mozzarella, red prawn from Dènia or calamari a la romana.

(photo credit to  @sirlovingfood @macarenagea)

The exceptional views of the Port have a a different point angle than the rest of restaurants in the area and the sunsets are especially beautiful from here. The restaurant is located at the opposite end of the Marina de Valencia. To get here from Vortex Coworking we recommend a bike ride (our favourite vehicle) touring the entire Marina, so you avoid the (too long) walk, but do not miss one of the most beautiful routes in Valencia through the Tinglados, the Clock Building and other heritage treasures.

Speciality: Rice      –       Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Muelle Sur Mod. F1.

  1. Casa Carmela

Another classic in Valencia. Since 1922, four generations of the same family, we have Casa Carmela in front of Playa de la Malvarrosa. His specialty is the paella made with fire from orange tree wood and served in the center of the table, obeying the ceremony of Mediterranean culture with rice.

(photo credit to @have_wings_will_fly, @virgidonelli , @gabygalban)

In addition to preparing one of the most famous paellas in Valencia, they offer the possibility to inmerse yourself into the elaboration process. They show you the “paelleros” (where the paellas are prepared) and tell you the secrets of how they cook it. And not only will you taste the best paellas, there is esgarraet, clotxinas, tellinas or fish directly brought from the fish market. Pure tradition. We can find them at the end of Malvarrosa beach.

Speciality: Paella        –      Calle Isabel de Villena, 155.

  1. Saboramar

Our recent discovery, an option for every day steps from the sea and steps from Vortex Coworking. Saboramar, hidden between the Tinglado 2 and the Clock Building, offers you the possibility of eating or having a coffee right by the deck, the sea breeze and the smell of the sea.

(photo credit by @saboramarVLC)

It offers classic breakfasts (coffee, orange juice, toast and pastries) from 9am, opening hours. At midday they offer a daily menu that changes every day, as well as an a la carte option of tapas and small portions. All at affordable prices, so to speak. Their partner Boramar. (door to door) offers catamaran trips for groups, events and companies. A walk of less than 10 minutes from Vortex Coworking that makes it our best daily option to eat or have a coffee in front of the sea.

Speciality: Daily menu        –      Entre el Edificio del Reloj y Tinglado 2. Marina Real de Valencia

  1. Bar Restaurante Aduana

The history of this restaurant begins in the 30s, when this place used to be a small kiosk at the port. Slowly growing they started offering sandwiches and tapas from the sea. Finally in 1941, they made the decision to transform it to Bar Restaurante Aduana in the same place, located in what we know today as the old Customs building of the Port of Valencia in the Marina of Valencia, just 5 minutes from Vortex Coworking Valencia.

(photo credit by @amparogarciaandres y @juanramon.deltoroibanez)

A family business specializing in seafood dishes and other local dishes. In the menu you will find varied seafood; oysters, fried fish, cod fritters or their calamari. Do not forget to book your table in advance as it is usually full of people. It is really close to our coworking space, so it is a frequent alternative when the special occasion arrives; a lunch with a client, a team building meal or just a normal day that you want to treat yourself.

Speciality: Sea kitchen      –       Plaza de la Aduana, S/N.

  1. La Fábrica de Hielo

“La Fabrica de Hielo” (the ice factory) is a trendy space in Valencia on Malvarrosa beach. An old industrial building renovated with a lot of style, mixing industrial design with vintage. More than a restaurant the space is a culture and social meeting point with a calendar full of events, markets, concerts, workshops and exhibitions. It also includes activities for kids.

(photo credit to @yoly_pocket y @carlosbonias)

It is a place for lunch (weekends) or have dinner (almost every day) in a more casual way, food truck style, while enjoying a concert in a social environment, surrounded by port containers, doors transformed into vintage table and armchairs.

The food leaders are “La Regional”, a food truck parked in space and a menu with delicious sandwiches in foccacia bread, beef and vegan burgers, nachos, hummus and other vegan options. And vermouth, beers, coffees and teas. You can get to La Fábrica in about 10 minutes walking from Vortex Coworking.

Speciality: Events, Culture  Food truck      –      Calle de Pavia, 37.

  1. La Más Bonita – Patacona

La Más Bonita stands out for its decoration; white and blue maritime touch are the brand colours, imperfect walls, high ceilings and century-old beams. Located on Paseo de la Patacona. There are three different environments: the terrace overlooking the sea, the indoors and the indoor patio, very cozy full of plants and decorative elements.

(photo credit to @anatrigueiros @juanfernandezcaraballo)

The menu offers homemade and eco food and a wide range for breakfast and brunch. The presentation is so beautiful that one does not resist taking a picture before taking a bite. The queens of the menu are their homemade cakes, made directly by Pilar, one of their managers, thanks to the tricks, inherited or learned (or both), from her grandmother. One of our favourites and that has more fame thanks to its name is the cake “Chocorgasmo” (choco orgasm), a delicious cake that will drive chocolate lovers crazy.

Although the Patacona is the beach that we have the furthest from Vortex Coworking (10 minutes by bike), we do have a few steps away accommodation by La Más Bonita. Faithful to the design of the chain, it consists of four touristic apartments in El Cabanyal neighborhood, different among them but in common the Mediterranean essence that is breathed in its restaurants; white, blue and a careful design that does not miss the smallest detail. The four apartments have names of coves: Cala Bonita, Cala Mordida, Cala Blava and Cala Salada. If you want to contact them we leave your link here.

Speciality: Brunch y Homemade cakes        –      Paseo Marítimo, 11.

  1. La Girafe

La Girafe is a French restaurant specializing in crêpes and galettes; the main difference of the latter with the crêpes is that they are made with buckwheat flour, so they are more consistent; and above all, that the galette is savoury and the crêpes sweet. In addition there are also other French specialties on the menu, such as the tournedo Rossini or the filet mignon.

(photo credit by @carlos_mm_insta, y @campidisco)

But above all we like it as an option for breakfast or brunch, because in addition to the options of pastries and coffees the design of the restaurant is beautiful, cozy and original, perfect to start the day. The key piece of the space is a bus that runs the center of the premises. This bus is the kitchen, open through its windows. A very original decoration with antique signs, vintage furniture and all kinds of antique objects … and a fireplace for the cold days of winter. And terrace for pleasant sunny days. It is located next to La Más Bonita so it is the same distance from Vortex Coworking, a long walk, but it is worth the experience.

Speciality: Crêpes & Galettes         –      Av. Mare Nostrum, 10. Alboraya, Valencia.

 9. Marina Beach – El Portet

Located next to the jetty, on the sand with entrance from the Marina de Valencia. It has different atmospheres, one right by the sand less formal, and another more restaurant style to eat, El Portet del Marina.

(photo credit to @worldpotography)

It is a restaurant that integrates you directly with the sea and the beach. They offer a menu with options traditional from the Mediterranean cuisine: starters, rice dishes, fideuàs, meat and fish, to pair with national and international wines or champagne. They also offer Japanese food and a sushi tasting in the Japanese Tatami.

Speciality: Location + Tatami Japanese Food       –       Marina Real Juan Carlos I, s/n.

  1. Veles e Vents

The iconic building of the port of Valencia is presented as a multi-gastronomic contemporary space. The building was built for the Copa América 2007 and 2010, and today it a complex of different restaurants with innovative cuisine. There are three restaurants spread over four floors of this contemporary design, which seems to be sustained in the air. A special place for special occasions, but those views we can enjoy every day since they are part of our surroundings. A gift for the eyes on our sunrise morning runs from the coworking, or at sunsets.

(photo credit to @jorge_estelles, @raquelm_fotografia  @nataliablnc)

Marina de Valencia. Muelle de la Aduana, s/n.

Located on the first floor, enjoy great views of the Marina de Valencia thanks to its windows. You will feel aligned with the sea and you can enjoy the entrance and exit of sailboats and fishing boats. You can enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine, rice and fresh fish from the market cooked in a wood-fired oven.

(photo credit to @fernandoferrero46600  @gruposucursalrestaurantelamaritima)

Speciality: Fish & rice

It has a large terrace and a transgressive design, a different concept, a meeting place that reflects the industrial and dynamism of Valencia. Singular tapas such as cogollos, totopos or brioche de rabo de toro, foie and bearnesa as a prelude to their grilled meats, whether picaña (veal from the back of the back), Iberian prey or Galician beef.

(photo credit to @vortexcoworking  @gruposucursalmalabarsteakhouse)

Speciality: Grilled meat

Its location is exceptional, it is located in the attic of Veles e Vents, so it offers 360º views of Valencia and the sea. In addition, it has the recognition of a Michelin Star and two Suns of the Repsol guide.

(photo credit to @lobocomeconpan  @lasucursal)

Speciality: Author tapas

In the Marina of Valencia, in the port, on the beach of Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and Patacona there are many more alternatives, but of the ones we know the ones listed here are our selection. If you think that a relevant one is missing or you have discovered something unique, please do not hesitate to write to us – [email protected] – and let us know 🙂

Bon appétit 😉



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