10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal

¿Quieres conocer los que, para nosotros, son las propuestas más atractivas para comer, almorzar o ir a tomar algo por El Cabanyal? El barrio cuenta con míticos y clásicos restaurantes, pero además el barrio está en auge y se está convirtiendo en el barrio de moda.

10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal

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Do you want to know what, for us, are the best options to eat, have lunch or go for a drink in El Cabanyal? The culinary offer seems to be an important factor when choosing the location for you office or coworking. Therefore, having interesting and diverse options to go out to eat, for lunch or for afterwork seemed relevant to choose Vortex Coworking location in El Cabanyal. We could not think of a better neighbourhood than this one. And by the beach.

The neighbourhood has re-known  and classic restaurants, but also the neighbourhood is now booming and is becoming the trendy neighbourhood. The new Ruzafa they say, but the Cabanyal near the sea. And with this boom the culinary offer is expanding with options that mix the traditional with the creative and contemporary, maintaining the essence of the neighbourhood and the Valencian maritime product: seafood dishes, garden products, rice, sandwiches, figatells (is a small meat ball that is made with the humblest pork meat), titaina (stir-fry made with tomato, roasted red pepper, pinion, garlic and sometimes tuna), cocas (typical mediterranean dish that can be cakes, cakes and breads), homemade vermouth, wines and “cañas”.

  1. Casa Montaña

Founded in 1836 “Casa Montaña” is one of the most historic and ancient restaurants within the El Cabanyal neighbourhood. A tavern specialising in wines with more than a hundred years of history where the walls, the drums and the barrels maintain the essence of the winery that saw it born.

Casa Montaña” es uno de los restaurantes más míticos y antiguos dentro del barrio de El Cabanyal. Además de una de las mejores ofertas en vino, la carta incluye raciones de producto de calidad. Vortex coworking valencia(photo credit to  @rocamcas y @barakdoc)

In addition to one of the best wine list in Valencia, the menu includes portions of quality product: ham, cheese, peppers, preserves and more elaborate dishes. The treatment is exceptional and is one of the few (not to mention unique) places where you can drink exceptional wines by the glass, such as Vega Sicilia, wines that not everyone can afford by the bottle.

Speciality: Wines.      –      Calle José Benlliure, 69.

  1. Casa Guillermo

An old winery created in 1957, now renovated with a lot of charm in a family style to make you feel at home. Their anchovies are famous; brought from the Cantabrian coast and they themselves desalinate, clean and prepare them one by one, all in an artisan way. They seem to have no competitor in Valencia. The titaina, the traditional dish of the maritime towns, is also the centre of attention; a sauce based on red pepper, tomato, garlic, pine nuts and salted tuna belly.

Sus anchoas tienen gran fama en; las traen desde la costa cántabra y ellos mismos las desalan, limpian y preparan una a una, todo de forma artesana. Un menú de platos elaborados en los que se cuida hasta el último detalle, una combinación de producto y presentación exquisita. Vortex Coworking Valencia

A menu of elaborated dishes with a lot of care in every last detail. A combination of quality products and exquisite presentation.

Speciality: Anchovies      –      Calle Progreso, 15.

  1. Taska LaReina

Much newer than the others, with with the same (or more) push and motivation, “Taska La Reina” appears in the scene. Opened in 2015, the restaurante opens behind a beautiful rehabilitated mosaic facade in one of the emblematic streets of El Cabanyal neighbourhood, Calle de la Reina. The interior is decorated to the last detail in marine style.

Taska Lareina tiene una fachada de mosaico rehabilitada en una de las calles emblemáticas del barrio de El Cabanyal, la Calle de la Reina. En la carta deliciosos platos marineros. Vortex Coworking Valencia(photo credit to @amayuskula , @marques205)

On the menu delicious seafood dishes: fish in marinade, clotxinas (mussels), the famous octopus cooked in different ways, oysters, titaina and cocas. On holidays and special dates they prepare special dishes.

Speciality: Seafood dishes      –      Calle La Reina, 173.

  1. Bodega La Peseta

The tasca for aperitif time and vermouth. The street is crowded on sunny days (and not so sunny). It is so busy that it is not always easy to find a place, but in the same street there are many other options, such as Taberna El Clavo and La Fábrica (we like them all), that share the same great atmosphere and great tapas.

La tasca para la hora del aperitivo y el vermut. La bodega original fue creada en 1906. La decoración ahora tiene un estilo retro muy logrado. Vortex Coworking Valencia.(photo credit to @carlosbonias)

The original winery was created in 1906. The decoration now has retro style. Highly recommended is the rice baked in pumpkin that must be booked in advance, the gildas and banderillas, tortilla pintxos, hummus, esgarraet and vermouth. It has also several vegan options.

Speciality: Baked rice in pumpkin, tapas      –      Calle Cristo del Grao, 16.

  1. Bar La Paca

If you are a fan of tortillas, this establishment is a MUST in your list. Many qualify them as the best of El Cabanyal, even Valencia. Always juicy, tender and with a wide variety to choose from: tortillas with zucchini, onion, with chorizo and even a vegan tortilla made without eggs.

Tortillas jugosas y con una amplia variedad a elegir: tortillas con calabacín, con cebolla, con chorizo e incluso una tortilla vegana que realizan sin huevo. también tienen tapas variadas como pescado ahumado, queso manchego, humus y otros entrantes valencianos. Vortex Coworking Valencia

Of course, they also have varied tapas such as smoked fish, Manchego cheese, hummus and other Valencian appetizers. They invite you to accompany their tortillas with a delicious homemade vermouth served with ice, an olive and a slice of orange. The decoration is retro and tells stories between paintings, old photographs, mirrors and newspaper clippings. An experience not to be missed.

Speciality: Tortillas (Omelettes)       –      Calle Rosario, 30.

  1. Bodega La Pascuala

In this local place you will find the famous giant “La Pascuala” baguettes. It is a place famous throughout Valencia honouring  l’almorçaret (a lunch around 12h), that is, a sandwich or baguette with olives and peanuts at a fixed price.

famosos bocadillos gigantes de “La Pascuala”. Se recomienda el chivito y sus buenísimos bocadillos de carne de caballo. Vortex Coworking Valencia(photo credit to @rocamcas)

It is recommended the chivito and its sandwiches of horse meat. If you do not forgive a good baguette lunch, this is your point of reference in the Cabanyal.

Speciality: Giant Sandwiches      –      Calle Doctor Lluch, 297.

  1. Anyora

An old winery built in 1937. Its motto is “vins I menjars de sempre” (wines and traditional foods); and her name Anyora comes from the dish you long to enjoy again. A tribute to the plate of all life, which waited all week for your grandmother to arrive on Sunday. The food tries to take you to the past, but also makes a nod to the future by giving a more elaborated and creative touch to the dishes of a lifetime. The main attention goes to the quality of the product.

Se trata de una bodega creada en 1937. Su lema es “vins I men jars de sempre” (vinos y comidas de siempre); Los platos nacen de la tradición y se cuida mucho el producto. Vortex coworking valencia

In the decoration Valencian ceramics are present, natural materials made by hand or the typical botijos of the town. Tellinas, salted meats, lamb shoulder, tuna from Balfegó or sausages from La Herrerica are just some of the many dishes they offer. And, of course, the wine will have a leading role as a pairing for each of them.

Speciality: Traditional and wines        –      Calle de Vicente Gallart, 15.

  1. Mar d´Amura

Its name, “Mar d’Amura”, means sea of prow, which brings the soft waves of a distant wind. This restaurant was born with the idea of maintaining the essence of the neighborhood and eating at home while discovering elaborated tapas, innovative and contemporary. A place with homemade cuisine, seasonal products from El Cabanyal market and other nearby businesses. Oven, mud and spoon. It also has options for celiacs and vegans; hummus, prepared in different ways, the Eggplant Zalouk and its unique patatas bravas with Luisa sauce.

Su nombre, “Mar d´Amura”, significa mar de proa, el cual trae las olas suaves de un viento lejano. Ofrece una agenda cultural entre las que destaca la música en directo. Los miércoles puedes disfrutar de Flamenco en directo mientras te tomas una caña en un ambiente sincronizado con el barrio. Vortex Coworking Valencia

In addition, it offers a cultural agenda among which live music stands out. On Wednesdays you can enjoy Flamenco live while you drink a beer in an environment synchronised with the neighbourhood. They also include on the agenda exhibitions, small format theater in unconventional spaces, book presentations and even summer cinema; possible thanks to its cozy indoor patio.

Speciality: Valencian tomato with belly, daily menu and flamenco shows     –      Calle Progreso, 159.

  1. ElViento Bar

“ElViento Bar” is a bar with an urban decoration that will surprise you; you can dine, tapas or have a drink. Due to its  proximity with Vortex Coworking, it became our favourite place for afterwork and the perfect restaurant for dinner based on shared portions. Our favourites, the titaina, its unique Russian salad or patatas bravas. In addition, they offer weekly events that accompany the good food: “la noche callejera” (the street night), a session of micro open street music or fixed days in which flamenco concerts are held in the same room.

“ElViento Bar” es un bar con una decoración urbana que te sorprenderá, donde puedes cenar, tapear o tomar algo.

Speciality: Spanish potatoe salad, coca de titaina, concerts  –  Calle Iglesia del Rosario, 8.

  1. El Ultramarinos

“El ultramarinos” is the typical grocery store converted into a trendy restaurant in the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal and decorated with barrels and high stools. They offer is centered around preserves and products with denomination of origin: hams, sausages, patés and cold meats; tomatos and salads. They also offer a varied wine list by the glass, liquors, beers, vermouth and cider.

El Ultramarinos. Entre su carta destacan sus conservas y productos denominación de origen: jamones, embutidos, patés y carnes de la sierra. Tienen especialidades y ofertas según el día que se publican en sus redes sociales, sobre todo los fines de semana. Vortex Coworking Valencia

They have specialties and offers according to the day, which are published on their social media, especially on weekends: baked rice tasting, meatballs with potatoes, curried chicken and cod croquettes, pintxo day, free tapa with a sandwich. Steps from Vortex Coworking, this is another favourite for the Vortex Community afterwork.

Speciality: Tapas y preserved food      –      Calle Iglesia del Rosario, 9.

In the El Cabanyal neighbourhood you have plenty of possibilities and we are sure that we left many unlisted; places we have heard about but that we have not yet been able to enjoy (we will do soon, for sure).“Ca La Mar”, “Fumiferro” or “La bodeguita de Nerea” are just a sample of the number of options that we can see with a short and easy walk through the little streets in El Cabanyal.

And of course, our favorite restaurant for paellas and ricePanorama. But this and others located in the area of the Marina and the beach will be listed in our next blog post “10 places to eat in the beach of Valencia”. An area as close to Vortex Coworking as the Cabanyal, but with a very different style more focused on the views and sea.

un restaurante favorito para paellas y arroces: Panorama. En el barrio Cabanyal hay muchas más opciones, pero teníamos que elegir top 10 de los que conocemos. Vortex Coworking Valencia

In the Cabanyal neighbourhood there are many more options, but we had to choose the top 10 we know about. If you have any recommendation or discovery to share please write to us and tell us! [email protected]

Bon appétit 😉



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