10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal


10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal

10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal 500 400 Cristina

In Vortex Coworking Playa we have a privileged location: between El Cabanyal and the Valencia Marina, steps from the sea and the beach and surrounded by many great food and cultural options. Many of the new members to our community ask for recommendations on where to eat in Valencia (specially in our neighbourhood), so in order not to repeat ourselves so much we have decided to convert and organize the oral recommendations of our community on three blogs:

The neighbourhood of Cabanyal is now becoming trendy but it is managing (at least so far) to keep its spirit and tradition. It is authentic and that’s what makes it so special. It combines some of the most traditional and iconic restaurants in Valencia with new projects that fuse tradition with modern and creative touches. Even in recent months we have seen some international option arrive in the neighbourhood that really deserves a try out. In the list we will start with the most formal and traditional places and continue with the casual ones, perfect not only for lunch or dinner but also for an afterwork or a traditional “aperitivo valenciano”; the Vortex Coworking community is clientele of many of them.

  1. Casa Montaña

Founded in 1836, Casa Montaña is one of the most iconic and ancient restaurants in the neighbourhood El Cabanyal, even Valencia. Internationally recognized by the best travel and gastronomy publications, it has a tapas menu, a house menu for 30 euros and a wine list (their specialty) extensive but carefully selected. Something unique in Valencia (even in the world) that they offer here is the possibility of drinking top category wines by the glass, among others Vega Sicilia. Wine Tasting and Seminars are also organised, sometimes with dinner.

Casa Montaña” es uno de los restaurantes más míticos y antiguos dentro del barrio de El Cabanyal. Además de una de las mejores ofertas en vino, la carta incluye raciones de producto de calidad. Vortex coworking valencia

  1. Casa Guillermo

Known for its anchovies since 1957. Cozy, traditional, elegant and familiar, all at once. Exquisite tapas and portions, based on local and seasonal product; valencian mussels, variety of croquettes, and their famous titaina: a traditional dish in this area, with a sauce based of red pepper, tomato, garlic, pine nuts and salted tuna belly. And exquisite “bocadillos” (sandwiches). Perfect for a cozy business lunch or with friends and family.

Sus anchoas tienen gran fama en; las traen desde la costa cántabra y ellos mismos las desalan, limpian y preparan una a una, todo de forma artesana. Un menú de platos elaborados en los que se cuida hasta el último detalle, una combinación de producto y presentación exquisita. Vortex Coworking Valencia

3. Bodega Anyora

Vermú, wines and traditional dishes with a creative personal touch of the chef that transforms the food into something unique, keeping the tradition. The food menu descriptions are mouth watering and so it the presentation, totally instagrameable. Bodega Anyora focuses on the base material, both products from the sea and the Valencian garden… and “casqueria” not so popular overseas, but very tasty and seldom offer in restaurants. Some examples? Tomato steak with avocado mango and white shrimp, bravas, “figatells”, prawn crests, rabbit kidneys with onions, grilled ear with smoked potato and herb mojo.

4. Mar d’Amura

“Mar d’Amura” was born with the idea of maintaining the essence of Cabanyal with home cooking style food while discovering more elaborate and innovative tapas like several types of delicious hummus.  On weekends they offer as a special dish the option of paella or rice, each day or weekend of a different type. It also has options for celiacs and vegans. Besides the food, what makes it so special for us? The weekly flamenco concerts by top artists that often end in flamenco jam sessions in which the neighbours  living by the street are the centre of attention. A must.

Su nombre, “Mar d´Amura”, significa mar de proa, el cual trae las olas suaves de un viento lejano. Ofrece una agenda cultural entre las que destaca la música en directo. Los miércoles puedes disfrutar de Flamenco en directo mientras te tomas una caña en un ambiente sincronizado con el barrio. Vortex Coworking Valencia

5. Bodega La Peseta & El Clavo 

In one of the busiest streets in the area, great for weekend traditional “vermú time” and “aperitivo” or midweek afterwork. La Peseta and El Clavo are next to each other and are our favourites on this street. El Clavo has wider opening hours, including Mondays (it is one of the few in the neighbourhood) and in the evening it opens before than La Peseta. We like both of them and there’s no need to choose: you start at one and follow with the other. And then you can continue along any of the other bars on the street, also great. What do you eat here? Portions, cold and warm tapas, cheese boards, gildas and chillies, tortilla pintxos, homemade vermú; Anything special? The baked rice cooked in pumpkin from La Peseta.

6. Malafama

Malafama opened just over a year ago and has been a hit in the neighbourhood. In the evening it has a varied pintxos bar in the purest Basque style with vegan and vegetarian options. on busy days, the terrace with tables and high stools are crowded and a very cool afterwork emerges. For lunch time delicious daily menu at affordable prices. We are fans of Malafama, so much that Christmas dinner last year we celebrated here.

  1.  Festinar

Festinar, another our favourite places for afterwork. And not only because of how close it is from Vortex Coworking Playa (2 minutes walk from the space), but because of the Jazz and Jam Sessions on Thursday and their delicious individual pizzas that you don’t get to choose (unless you are vegan or have any intolerance),  the tartlets and the hummus. A casual, cultural and interesting plan to do at least once a month.

  1.  Ona Restaurante

The first international restaurant we have seen opening in the neighbourhood (leaving aside the Italians, there are many and very good). Popular Chilean cuisine and aboriginal cultures coupled with a wine list exclusively Chilean. All our members who went feel in love with the food. A must.

  1. El Viento Bar & El Ultramarinos & Bar la Paca

They have nothing to do with each other, but we put them together because they are very close (El Viente and El Ultramarinos are one in front one of another) and also very close to Vortex Coworking Playa. Possibly the ones we frequent the most for afterwork on Fridays due to its proximity and the different vibes each one offers along the evening. La Paco open first, so ideal for the first drink with a tortilla pintxo tortilla. Then El Ultramarinos for cold portions, tomato salad, cheese and meat boards with any of their wine list by the glass. And then El Viento with more options for dinner: tapas, sandwiches, burgers, titaina, its unique russian salad or bravas. In addition, you can extend the evening because after dinner El Viento transforms into a bar with drinks and music. And all these options within less than 200m metres distance.

“ElViento Bar” es un bar con una decoración urbana que te sorprenderá, donde puedes cenar, tapear o tomar algo.

10. Mercabanyal

Finally an outdoor food market in the neighbourhood! Recently opened, Mercabanyal is an outdoor space of 1,200 square meters dedicated to the foodies joy and early hours of the night. This urban market built from boat containers, is host in its interior with different food specialities each: El Tallat (coffee), El Bar, La Freiduría, El Ultramarinos, La Paraeta and Pizza Lab. Another cool option for afterwork and weekend.

There are many more places, we are aware of it. And we are sure we’ve left out the list great alternatives that we don’t know yet. So if you think one is missing or you’ve discovered something new and unique, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment and let us (and our readers) know about the place. And if you want to know our recommendations on the beach of Valencia, click here.

Bon appétit 😉