6 key dates in El Cabanyal

6 key dates in El Cabanyal

6 key dates in El Cabanyal 500 374 Cristina

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An extravagant neighborhood, a neighborhood founded by fishermen, a neighborhood near the sea, a neighborhood of neighbors, a thousand different things to do … in short, a unique neighborhood.

The neighborhood of El Cabanyal (The Cabana in English), is a historical fishing district, today a focus of tourism and professional activities thanks to its proximity to the beach and to be together with the top references of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem; one of the strategic reasons why Vortex Coworking Valencia is located here. Without forgetting its magic and the proximity of its neighbors.

It became a symbol of the resistance of a town, since, long ago, it was intended to dismantle to create a large avenue that would lead directly into the sea, demolishing hundreds of homes in the area. More than 10 years of struggle between its neighbors and the Valencian political power, which ended with the change of government. Now, El Cabanyal is a candy for foreign investors thanks to its quality of life, its special essence and its proximity to the beach and the sea. It is an opportunity to create a charismatic and cosmopolitan neighborhood for Valencia; “the next Ruzafa” the connoisseurs call it, a neighborhood that underwent a conversion similar to what El Cabanyal is pointing at today.

The most international comparisons are many; Notting Hill for London, for its charisma and uniqueness; Venice Beach for Los Angeles, for its low houses, the beach, the hippie and artistic air and the diversity of its neighbors. The atmosphere of El Cabanyal attracts the creativity of the artistic and digital geniuses who mix with tradition. This bohemian and cosmopolitan air makes us find different activities and services promoted by their own neighbors and by all kinds of admirers and defenders of the fishermen’s neighborhood.

neighborhood founded by fishermen (picture by:  @bikealo)

We can talk about gastronomy, cultural activities, leisure, etc. And we will do it, in other blogs. Today we will focus on writing about what we find the most unique activities of our neighborhood, El Cabanyal:

1. Portes Obertes (Open Doors)

Until 2014, there was an initiative called Portes Obertes (Open Doors), organized by the Salvem el Cabanyal-Canyamelar Platform, a collective of artists that demonstrate commitment and involvement in the struggle for the survival and development of the neighborhood. Two weeks in which the theaters and the most emblematic houses opened their doors to us.

All kinds of artists willing to demonstrate against the form of politics to generate new neighborhoods and real estate speculation participated. There were around 200 projects of music, photography, plastic arts, performance, theater and dance. It is a voluntary initiative, spontaneous and financed by the neighbors themselves, sharing the spirit of coworking and our own motto in Vortex – share, collaborate, grow – open to the public and exposed in the existing theaters in the Cabanyal and, above all, in the homes of the neighbors of the neighborhood, which allowed entry in order to discover the neighborhood, the state of the houses and their work. A great initiative that we hope will come back soon!

2. La Semana Santa Marinera (The seafaring week)

Passion and life. La Semana Santa (Easter or Passion Week) is also welcomed in this neighborhood in a very special way. During the little more than a week in which this celebration is prolonged, the corporations, fraternities and fraternities fill the Maritime Villages of Valencia with festivities. Declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 2012 they celebrate parades and processions through the different neighborhoods of Grau, El Cabanyal and Canyamelar. All the formations participate in three events, the most iconic of which is the Resurrection Parade, unique in Spain, in which the participants discover their heads at the pace of pasodobles and fast marches.

La Semana Santa Marinera. The seafaring week (picture by:  @mimmotorchiaph)

If you are interested in participating and enjoying this way of celebrating Holy Week, thanks to the digital newspaper Las Provincias, we can consult a complete program with all its events and schedules here.

3. El Cabanyal Íntim (The Intimate Cabanyal)

For the culture lovers there is an independent urban festival called “El Cabanyal íntim” (The Intimate Cabanyal), which focuses on intimate, upcoming and experimental theater. It is celebrated during two weekends in a row in May and is organized byFrancachela Teatro and also by Salvem el Cabanyal.

It covers the theater in all its varieties, whether performance, circus, dance or dramatized poetry, among others, and seeks to promote dialogue between neighborhood, emerging culture and history. It is programmed through some twenty pieces of live art, combining the big and the small format and oriented according to the motto acquired in each season. Neighbors lend their homes to represent works in their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Any innovative proposal will be welcome. It is complemented in the same way that we complement our coworking space; activities, workshops, meetings and representations.

This year, 2018, the key date of the Cabanyal Intim is from 10 to 20 May. It opens with the itinerant show “Las marujas, varices y raíces” and the opening party, and ends with the closing party and the awards ceremony of the public attending the performances and shows. If you want more details, you can consult the full agenda here.

4. Street markets

In Valencia the street markets are well known, 18 are those that take place every week in different parts of our city: Algirós, Ruzafa, Central, Jerusalem, Nazareth, San Pedro Nolasco, Gran, Avenida del Cid, Benimàmet, Torrefiel, Benimaclet , Castellar, Monteolievete, Malvarrosa, Mossén Sorell, Benicalap, Jesus-Patraix and, how could it be otherwise, El Cabanyal.

In our neighborhood the market is organized on Thursdays, at the same time as Torrefiel; and you will find it arranged in the streets of Justo Vilar, Marino Sierra, Vicente Brull, Avenida Mediterráneo, Rosario, Martí Grajales, accessory of Juan Mercader and Luis Despuig and the Plaza de Cruz del Cañamelar. All these streets are taken by street vendors and that are approached by both residents of the area and citizens of other neighborhoods and towns near Valencia.

5. Municipal market El Cabanyal

And, of course, this unique neighborhood has its own municipal market:El Mercado del Cabanyal (The MArket of El Cabanyal), where you will find the freshest Valencia products, fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, etc. A walk from our coworking. Who would not want to work in an office where you can buy fresh products for lunch or dinner so close?

Municipal market El Cabanyal

Since 1800 it has remained one of the most emblematic markets of the city of Valencia. It has never stopped innovating and evolving, without neglecting its essence: a cordial and familiar treatment. The environment and the quality of its products make it a mandatory stop when making your purchases or, simply, to know a point of freshness and social particularity. It is located a few meters from the Cabanyal station, with good communication and easy access.

6. Mercado de Reyes del Cabanyal (The Three Magic Kings Market of El Cabanyal)

And, of course, there is also the magic of Christmas. From January 3 until the same morning of the 6th, the night in which their majesties from the East visit us, they prepare El Mercado de Reyes del Cabanyal (The Three Magic Kings Market of El Cabanyal). Open all those days from 10:00 in the morning until 9:00 p.m., except on day 5, which continues, as we have said, until dawn. In this market you will find all kinds of Christmas gifts, clothes, costume jewelery, toys for children and typical gifts that surprise more than one. All this with the special touch that the Cabanyal free sales stands have.

he Three Magic Kings Market of El Cabanyal (picture by:  @vortexcoworking)

In short, El Cabanyal has a unique tradition, founded by fishermen from the surrounding area, which has become a trendy neighborhood without losing its essence. A focus of foreign visits for its wonderful extravagance. It has all kinds of options to discover and enjoy that you can not miss, both for your personal life and to have your office here or live near the port, the sea and the beach.

If you plan a visit, you will repeat; If you decide to live here, you will surely like it; If you choose to work here … we wait for you in our coworking.