Measures for your your safety in our coworking spaces v.5

covid safety protocols

Measures for your your safety in our coworking spaces v.5

Measures for your your safety in our coworking spaces v.5 500 375 Cristina

At Vortex Coworking we continue working in adapting our spaces and protocols to offer you a workplace where you feel safe and in compliance with the official measures during the changing situation of the pandemia. We cannot eliminate uncertainty, but we can put all our efforts to minimize risks and remind all of us how to to protect ourselves and those around us. Today we present an updated version of the measures in place at our coworking spaces, version 5.0:

Welcome Board

At the entrance of our coworking spaces we have a reminder with the Golden Rules “anti – covid” that apply:

  1. MASK at all times, except when at your desk in silence. Our recommendation: at all times.
  2. KITCHENETTE: 2ppl max per table. Remember that after eating, we should put our masks back on during the social coffee or “sobremesa” (if with a coffee, use the on / off technique).
  3. PATIO: mask always
  4. Wash your HANDS with hydroalcoholic gel often.
  5. COMMON AREAS : disinfect your table with liquid disinfectant and ventilate (open door and window) after use.
  6. If you have symptoms associated with covid, or have been in close contact with anyone who does, please stay home for precaution and contact your MEDICAL CENTRE so that they can guide you accurately and safely on what to do.

On your first day at the space, we will do a small introduction and we will resolve any questions or concerns you may have. We will take you to your new desk and, for the fix memberships, we provide you with your welcome #staysafe welcome package to be used at your desk.


We’ve distributed hydroalcoholic gel around the spaces and strategic locations so that you can wash your hands frequently and effortless: at the entrance, in every fix desk, in the access to all common, cabin booths, toilettes, etc. We’ve also distributed wiping paper and disinfectant spray in the common areas so that you can disinfect the table and chair after use, and before use.

Our coworking spaces have windows which allow us to do natural ventilation often; as a consequence our heating system now in winter is not as efficient, and there might be moments at the spaces where it feels chill… please be patience, this will pass soon! We start seeing the light at the end of the tunel

We’ve reinforced the cleaning at our spaces. To allow the cleaning to be the most efficient, please leave your desk as clear as possible at the end of your working day. There are individual lockers available for members, please let us know if you need one.

Social distance

We have redesigned our spaces temporarily and reduced the capacity to increment distances in between desks and corridors and to facilitate keeping social distancing in common areas of the coworking space.

We facilitate mobile screens for desks division which, although not compulsory since desktops comply with the minimum distance, it’s a prevention measure that we would like to make available to our members at their choice; if your desk has a screen installed, but you prefer not to have it, please let us know; if your desk doesn’t have one, and you would like to have one, also please let us know.

Access to the space

Access to the space is limited to active members of the coworking space and visitors with appointment; if you are expecting any visits (professional or personal or a space guest for the day) please report in Front Desk to make the appointment so that we can do a safety induction if necessary.

Front Desk

The Front Desk service might be interrupted at any moment in the case Vortex Staff needs to confine themselves for safety reasons and work from home. Whether or not we are physically at the space, we are ready to have the space operated remotely and Vortex Staff always available via phone or email from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18h as Virtual Front Desk.

We take tours by appointment, so if you want to visit the space or restart your membership, send an email to us and we will set a day and time that suits you well.


We continue receiving mail in our inbox, however we do not receive packages; for that we have an address with a collaboration next door, please ask in front desk the details.


We are back with events on site that are in compliance with restrictions and regulations, and that do not imply a concentration of people in our spaces. In addition, as we’ve been doing up to now, we will announce periodically through our communication channels and social media, our recommendations of business events online and cultural, social, fun and safe events happening in Valencia for those looking for a bit of action.

Close contact or symptoms

If you have any symptoms associated with covid or if you have been in close contact with anyone who does, please contact your medical centre who will guide you on what to do. The standard procedure is this one, however this may change depending on the region or the situation, so please contact with your medical centre for accurate advise and care.

We will keep information about any news or modifications on our protocols as more information becomes available. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us by email: