Measures for your safety in our spaces v.3

covid safety protocols

Measures for your safety in our spaces v.3

Measures for your safety in our spaces v.3 500 375 Cristina Primo

At Vortex Coworking we continue working in adapting our spaces and protocols to offer you a workplace where you feel safe. We cannot eliminate uncertainty, but we can put all our efforts to minimize risks and remind all of us how to to protect ourselves and those around us. What are we doing?

Welcome Board

At the entrances of our space we have a reminder with the most relevant recommendations to be followed:

  1. Clean your hands with HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL frequently.
  2. Keep MINIMAL SOCIAL DISTANCE from others of 1,5 metres.
  3. Use MASK all times when not at your desk.

On your first day in the space, we will do a small introduction and we will resolve any questions or concerns you may have.  We will take you to your new desk and in case of a fix desk membership, we provide you with your welcome #staysafe  package with your desk base individual gel.

Hydroalcoholic Gel

We distributed HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL around the spaces and relevant points: at the entrance, in every fix desk, in communal areas access points, cabin booths, toilets and other strategic points.

Social distancing

 We have redesigned our spaces temporarily and reduced the capacity to increment distances in between desks and corridors and to facilitate keeping social distancing in common areas of the coworking space. We facilitate mobile screens for desks division which, although not compulsory since desktops comply with the minimum distance, it’s a prevention measure that we would like to make available to our members at their choice; if your desk has a screen installed, but you prefer not to have it, please let us know; if your desk doesn’ have one, and you would like to have one, also please let us know.

News and changes on Memberships

As a novelty, we offer the “Concilia” Membership for those couples who live together and need to reconcile family with remote work. This membership allows you to rent  a fixed position, share it with your confined-partner without covid risk (morning / afternoon or by days) and… to reconcile! Regarding our Flex and Hotdesk memberships in which a desk is shared with other members, we’ve limited the options available; we give priority to fix memberships however if you are interested in a Flex membership please contact us and we will see what options available we can offer.

Common Areas

Essential common areas are maintained (kitchenette, coffee and water supply , etc.) but we removed social areas like the relax area for safety reasons.  We encourage the social moments to be outdoors, making the most of our privileged outdoors locations: by the Marina in Vortex Playa, by the “River” in Vortex Centro. Ideal for a break in the sun of Valencia. Please keep a maximum of three members simultaneously at the kitchenette with social distancing of minimum 1,5m. We have reduced the furniture and changed the layout of these areas to facilitate this. We recommend you to bring your own coffee cup and kitchen supplies to avoid sharing  them (this also applies to office supplies, equipment, etc.) In meeting rooms and cabin booths where natural ventilation is more limited we recommend the use of masks at all times.

Access to the space

Access to the space is limited to active members of the coworking space; any external visitors must be addressed outside except for those under appointment and reported in Front Desk.

Front Desk

The Front Desk service might be interrupted at any moment in the case Vortex Staff needs to confine themselves for safety reasons and work from home. Whether or not we are physically at the space, we are ready to have the space operated remotely and Vortex Staff always available via phone or email from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18h as Virtual Front Desk. We take tours by appointment, so if you want to visit the space or restart your membership, send an email to us and we will set a day and time that suits you well.


We continue receiving mail in our inbox, however we do not receive packages; for that we have an address with a collaboration next door, please ask in front desk the details.

Location: Vortex Playa or Vortex Centro

We recommend you to choose a coworking space close to your place to avoid unnecessary commutes and public transport risks; also to make it easier for you to go back home to eat or rest (we  remind you  that the relax and social areas have been temporarily reduced or eliminated). In Valencia we have two coworking spaces with strategic locations: Vortex Coworking Playa in the Cabanyal neighborhood, just a few steps from the Marina; Vortex Coworking Centro in Calle Sorní, in the commercial and financial center of Valencia. If you live near the beach, Blasco Ibañez towards Cabanyal, Patacona, Malvarrosa, la Marina or the Port area, Vortex Playa is your  indicated space and you can take a nice stroll  avoiding public transport. If you live in the City of Sciences, Ruzafa, Carmen, Colón, Alameda, Blasco Ibañez towards Viveros, Vortex Centro is your indicated office.


We’ve reinforced cleaning in the spaces, especially in the common areas. To facilitate access and cleaning of your desks, please keep them as clear as possible. There are individual lockers available for members, please let us know if you need one. Our spaces have windows that allow for natural ventilation.

Events and visitors

All onsite events at the space, both professional and social, that imply a mass concentration, have been restricted or replaced by online events (or outdoors events when allowed) about which we will keep you informed every week through our communication channels and social media.


If you feel  the following symptoms: fever, shortness of breath, cough and/or headache, we recommend you to  stay home for precaution.

We will keep information about any news or modifications on our protocols as more information becomes available. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc.,  please do not hesitate to contact us by email: