Our (sports) goals for 2020

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Our (sports) goals for 2020

Our (sports) goals for 2020 500 680 Cristina

The new year has just begun and it is time to start meeting the new goals and challenges we set for this 2020. But first, it’s important to look back, taking stock of the year that ends to not only set new challenges, but also continue with the good things we’ve been doing over the last few months. And, as it could not be otherwise, at Vortex Coworking we not only take care of the details of our workspaces, we also reserve a very important site for sport and health.

And 2019 has been a great year, a year in which we have enjoyed not only working in an inspiring space, but also creating community and, of course, doing sport. In Vortex Playa, the running group has remained very active all year round, enjoying the beach promenade every morning. Functional workouts have been common during the mornings and Pilates activities on the beach have allowed us to disconnect for a few minutes and then return with more energy to work.

It has been a very intense year and, with the opening of the second space, Vortex Centro, at the end of this year 2019, the next months come loaded with activities.

Mornings, on the beach, will be activated with BFT HIIT from Beach Functional Training, a functional training in the sand, very effective and fun. At noon, we will make a stop to enjoy BFT Core, a fitness program with our expert Lali Pilates and in the evenings, in the Turia Garden, we will enjoy the magnificent running track with the Vortex Run team.

We must not forget that Valencia is the city of Running and that, in this 2020 that is approaching, we will have 2 great highlights, such as the 30th anniversary of the Valencia Half Marathon and the 40th anniversary of the Valencia Marathon. To help those who want to prepare this incredible goal, the Vortex Health team, with Alejandro Cancelas at the helm, has prepared an 8-month program with which, to achieve the goal in good condition, is almost assured.

In addition, members of the Vortex community will participate in many other races and activities, which we will be informing about soon, so we invite you to be attentive to our posts both on the blog and on social networks.

If you want more information about how to sign up for activities, you still don’t know the space and want to know it or just want to enjoy physical activity and improve, do not hesitate to contact us at info@vortexcoworking.es


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