Retreats in Valencia

Professional experiences outside of the workplace environment to reinforce bonding between employees, teams and with the company culture.
Work & Play Experiences thought and designed with care and detail, in inspiring venues and settings that will leave a long-lasting memory in the team.
Team Building Experiences that provide the quality time and space needed to improve interaction and communication between coworkers and the bonding for the team’s common purpose.

 Professional Retreat Benefits

✓ Boosts creativity and innovative thinking by changing the daily routine into a new and inspiring scene and set up
✓ Perspective to look at the big picture, allowing for important and global company decisions
✓ Improves group and team dynamics and boosts motivation
✓ Shows appreciation for employees and partners
✓ Creates bonding and boosts team spirit
✓ Many many more…

Company Retreats Goals

✓ Team Building: bring employees together and closer. Amongst them and with the company culture
✓ Brainstorming: new product, next year’s marketing strategy, management improvements
✓ Organization: define next year’s strategy and goals, redesign internal processes
✓ Culture: get your mission and values across, onboard new employees
✓ Celebration: year results, fundraising round, product launch
✓ Presentation: end-year results, next year’s global goals
✓ Focus: hackathon, innovation, or design sprint

Why choose Vortex: Customised Retreats

✓ Range of services that can cover other additional services that you could need: local guides in different languages, professional coaches, etc.
✓ Save time and resources by leaving the logistics to the experts so you can focus on the content of value on the event
✓ We have large experience, and on a daily basis for the beautiful community working from our workspaces
✓ Bringing epic and unique experiences in Valencia that we, local experts, know well
✓ Community and team building is our DNA

Professional Retreats by Vortex

✓ Balanced combination of outdoor and indoor activities that provide a Work & Play experience
✓ Optimal Size: from 10 to 20 employees. More? Less? We can adapt!
✓ Meaningful, unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences
✓ Ad-hoc design according to the results we are after
✓ For teams, departments or full company
✓ Thinking bold? Just ask!

Why Valencia as destination for a Workation

Team Building Valencia
Team Building Valencia

✓ More than 300 sunny days a year that offer multiple options for outdoor activities
✓ Beach, green areas, history, architecture, culture, food, even vineyards!
✓ Perfect combination between professional opportunities and quality of life
✓ Consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystem
✓ Tour the city by bike in 15 minutes

Types of Work Retreats

Remote Team Retreat

Team Building Retreat

Customised Retreat

Company Retreat

Team Workation

Work Retreat

Let’s build a unique experience. Together.