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“If you’re not managing leads properly, you’re wasting your time, marketing resources, and money”

If you own a small or medium business, then probably you spend your hard earned money on different marketing channels such as: PPC (Google Adwords, Fb ads, etc), social media and SEO to drive traffic on you website and generate leads and convert them to your customers.

But so often those leads don’t convert immediately and what is most important, they don’t become long term customers.

It is a big frustration for you and also your sales rep as they might be blaming the marketing campaigns for low quality leads.

The truth is that modern marketing is fragmented with different channels and the customer is moving to different parts of it and different sources.

Your prospect may see your ad in a magazine, see your Google ad, check your social media several times, then maybe subscribe to your newsletter.. all before eventually deciding to buy from you. Or maybe from your competition..

The whole customer journey gets more and more complicated.

To run a successful marketing campaign you need also to put in the process a lot of valuable data as the customer requires a very personalised message. How do you get this data?

Segmenting contacts, sending personalised messages, nurturing, tracking, and converting this is where marketing automation comes to help you to manage your leads.

Marketing automation is key to saving your time while making sure that every contact is nurtured so it can be converted into a customer and then a returning and loyal fun of your business.

Marketing automation offers lots of benefits. Just to mention only some of them:

  • saves time
  • lower cost per lead
  • increased revenue
  • improved sales effectiveness
  • improved customer lifetime value
  • better ROI on your marketing investment


Plan of this workshop:

  • Why marketing automation is so crucial for your business even though or maybe especially if your database is small?
  • How does it all work?
  • Basic automation processes – examples
  • Different tools to choose from
  • Machine learning in marketing automation – future of marketing effectiveness

If a lead isn’t ready to buy, this doesn’t mean they won’t some day.

If you want to get to know more about how to make the most out of your all marketing efforts and budget, come and don’t forget your notebook as there will be loads of useful information covered. Get your (free) ticket here.


Katarzyna Gołębiewska – marketing strategist, owner of growbig.it

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Vortex Coworking

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Katarzyna Gołębiewska