At Vortex Coworking we host every month a full agenda of events, workshops, presentations and activities, some of them for private and others public. Some of our events are lead by members of our coworking spaces; our events spaces are also available for rental by companies and professionals that wish to organise an event. Our spaces are open, with light and all amenities needed.

If you need a space to organise your event, please contact us here

Events and Workshops

En Vortex Coworking cada mes contamos con nuevos eventos, talleres, charlas y workshops abiertos al público o de carácter privado, en un espacio amplio, luminoso y con todas las comodidades. Algunos de ellos impartidos por miembros del Coworking, otros, por gente externa, pero siempre por profesionales.

Si buscas un espacio donde celebrar tu propio evento, no dudes en contactarnos!

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