The idea of Vortex Coworking was born in June 2016 and it was defined and developed (in paper) during the following year while visiting coworking spaces all around the world; from the big cities such as Los Angeles or Paris, to those not so big such as Cape Town, Hanoi or Tagazhout. 

In January 2018 Vortex Coworking open the doors of the first coworking space: Vortex Playa in Valencia nearby the beach and La Marina. In November 2019, almost two years later and once the first space was consolidated and the community created and solid, we opened our second coworking space in the city centre: Vortex Centro.

Our mission, to create a community of professionals where our space members can connect with other people and not only extend their professional network, but also build new colleagues and friendships. Because I have myself face in the past the challenges of working remotly, being a solo entrepreneur or a freelancer.  And through my own experience I learned that being surrounded by other professionals helps on that path. 

Why Vortex? A vortex is a point that induces movement and energy around it. The epicentre of a hurricane, for example. And that’s what we want to be, the vortex of our community.  

Now you know a little about us. And we would love to know about you! So why don’t you stop by for a visit… coffee is on us!

Cristina Trilles Olaso (Fundadora y CEO)