We want to support and partner with you along your professional adventure. That is our mission. Because we too have experienced the challenges that entrepreneurs face every day. And because we know that being surrounded by other professionals helps in the process. We believe in a new way of working: Coworking. In collaborating, in sharing, in the community. Because, although maths are maths, it is also true that, sometimes, 1+1=3.

Why Vortex? A vortex is at the epicentre of a hurricane. And that’s what we want to be, the centre of our community’s hurricane of energy and ideas. Where? In the vortex of Valencia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem: The Valencia Port.

Now you know a little about us. And we would love to know about you! So why don’t you stop by for a visit… coffee is on us!

Cristina (Founder) 

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