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What is Vortex Coworking

We are coworking spaces thought and designed to create a positive, comfortable, stress-free, inspiring and enriching work experience. A space where you can cowork, connect, share and collaborate with like-minded people, both professionally and personally. A place where the protagonist of our day-to-day is you because we are more than coworking spaces: we are a community.

Our commitment

To generate a work environment where you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your work done; we also provide a calendar of activities so that those who wish to connect with like-minded people have opportunities to do so. Because we know by experience that surrounding yourself with other professionals helps to overcome the challenges that entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers face every day, also when moving in to a new city.

What does Vortex mean

Our name, Vortex, means vortex in Latin. A vortex is a point in space that generates movement around it, for example, a vortex of a hurricane. That¬īs what we want to be, the vortex of our community: a point in the space with energy, a place where things happen, where there is movement, where ideas arise, with good vibes and a lot of positive energy that is transmitted between us.



In January 2018 we opened the doors in Valencia with our first coworking space in El Cabanyal, near the sea and the Marina: Vortex Playa on Calle Reina 10. Two years later we inaugurated the second coworking space in the commercial and financial hub of Valencia: Vortex Centro on Calle Sorní 12. The following year we expanded services including Coliving through our collaborators, and in 2022 we incorporated services for Offsite experiences and Retreats for companies. And then? More dreams are cooking, stay tuned!  

The Vortex Team

Cristina Trilles Olaso | Founder and CEO

Cristina¬†is the¬†founder and CEO of Vortex and in addition to guide, support and work daily with the team, Cristina works in the future of the business, new opportunities, strategy and growth. When she‚Äôs not analysing ideas, opportunities or reports, Cristina strolls around the workspaces and chats to the community. We have a personal belonging of her at each space: the surf board in Vortex Playa and the piano in Vortex Centro. Cristina has a background in Engineering, and before creating Vortex she worked in corporate and lived in several countries while doing so. Before returning to Valencia, Cristina dedicated a year to explore, travel and live the coworker experience in workspaces all around the world. Which was big fun, she says ūüėČ

Andrea Monge Ortega | Operations Manager

Andrea is our Operations Manager with a global overview of our coworking spaces in Valencia. From our day-to-day operations, processes, physical space optimal functioning, and the right and balanced dynamics within our community. Andrea guides, supports, and supervises the day-to-day of the space managers and hosts; she also plans the monthly calendar of activities with the purpose of boosting and inspiring our community energy and facilitating deep connections amongst coworkers. Andrea has a double degree in Business Administration and Management and Tourism.

Sandra Mayoral Cicuendez | Marketing Manager

Sandra is our Marketing Manager. Sandra prepares the monthly marketing reports, develops the strategies to follow in SEO and SEM, plans our social media, and keeps our website updated. Sandra works from our Vortex Centro workspace, where she is also our Hostess and watches over the physical space and the wellbeing of everyone: from the onboarding process of new members, reservations, contracts, and billing to the resolution of space problems and incidents. Sandra has a background in Business Management.

Fernando Benítez Gil | Customer Experience Manager

Fernando is our Customer Experience Manager. He is the person with a global vision of the customer journey that we offer our users, and his objective is to make it the best in the sector and to communicate to the rest of the team the guidelines to follow to achieve it. Fernando works from our Vortex Playa workspace, where he is also our Host and oversees the management of the physical space and the well-being of users: from the onboarding process of new members, reservations, contracts, billing to resolution of problems and incidents in the installations. Fernando has training in Business Administration and Management.

Vortex Collabs

What is a Vortex Collab

If you are launching your business and need a workspace but still do not have the budget to cover for it yet; and if you like to meet and connect with others, encouraging professional synergies to happen,organizing sports and social activities; and if you can dedicate to Vortex one day a week as a space Host, send us over an email with your CV and cover letter attached and we will contact you as soon as possible! Do you want to know more about this initiative? Check out our blog!

If you want to¬†be part of the Vortex Team, send your CV and Motivation Letter to¬†hola@vortexcoworking.es. If we are not looking for a position at that moment, we will reply to your email and keep you on our candidates’ list when a position opens up.

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