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How to obtain a NIE number

An NIE number. Since you have been living in Valencia or doing online research there is a big chance you have heard of an NIE number and many times with a tad of frustration. It’s indeed quite a hassle to obtain one. With this quick guide we explain to you why you should get one…

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How to find an apartment in Valencia

Once you choose Valencia as your new home to make memories, many struggle in finding a property to rent long term. As the city is becoming more and more popular and the housing market is quick, prepare yourself. Especially if you’re a foreigner just moving to Valencia, you might be faced with some fear or…

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10 reasons to live or work in El Cabanyal

(photo credit to @maryconcyincucina) The location of your office or your company is a key decision for the positioning and performance of any project, even with the entry of new technologies, and this decision can have both professional and personal consequences. That’s why we chose El Cabanyal neighborhood, a place that combines quality of life and…

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10 advantages of working in Valencia

We believe that Valencia is the perfect city for professionals, entrepreneurs, business people and digital nomads from all over the world, that is why we decided to base Vortex Coworking in Valencia. Why? The city offers quality of life, typical Mediterranean: sea, beach, 300 sunny days a year and Mediterranean cuisine; a park along an…

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10 places to eat in the beach of Valencia

We are very lucky in Vortex Coworking to be located in El Cabanyal, a trendy neighbourhood in Valencia. But not only that, we are also a few steps from the sea, both la Marina de Valencia (in the port of Valencia) and the beach of Valencia (Cabanyal beach and Malvarrosa beach) and, a little further, Patacona.…

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10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal

Do you want to know what, for us, are the best options to eat, have lunch or go for a drink in El Cabanyal? The culinary offer seems to be an important factor when choosing the location for you office or coworking. Therefore, having interesting and diverse options to go out to eat, for lunch…

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6 key dates in El Cabanyal

(picture by: @areamaritina) An extravagant neighborhood, a neighborhood founded by fishermen, a neighborhood near the sea, a neighborhood of neighbors, a thousand different things to do … in short, a unique neighborhood. The neighborhood of El Cabanyal (The Cabana in English), is a historical fishing district, today a focus of tourism and professional activities thanks to…

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10 Advantages of Coworking

Are the walls from home closing in you? Do you need an office, but you don’t have time to deal with a leasing agreement, cleaning services, electricity, internet, bills and unexpected issues and costs? Do you need to keep your personal life separate from professional life? Today we will discover the 10 main advantages from…

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What is coworking and its history

“That coworking thing, what is it?” My father asked at the beginning of this adventure. That’s when I realized that not everyone is comfortable with this type of anglicisms. It is one of many “words” that the world of the company puts on the table: marketing, sponsoring, branding, SEO, target, freelance, brainstorming, know-how … are…

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Welcome to Vortex Coworking

Do you know me? In any case I’ll start by introducing myself, I’m Vortex Coworking, a shared work space in Valencia with a clear mission: to help you on your professional path. How can I do this? Offering not only an office rental, a place to work from, but much more: a community of professionals…

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My history with Vortex Coworking

It was 2016 and I had been working as an engineer in corporate in the renewable energy sector for several years. But my mind had been thinking for some time, mostly just for fun, in business ideas and how to make them work. I chatted with friends and played the game of brainstorming. And what…

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