The 5 best hiking trails less than 1 hour away from Valencia

The 5 best hiking trails less than 1 hour away from Valencia

The 5 best hiking trails less than 1 hour away from Valencia 650 433 Vortex Coworking

One of the main reasons why Valencia is the perfect city for professionals, entrepreneurs, and remote workers – and therefore also for our coworking spaces – is because of the quality of life and the amount of professional and personal opportunities that the city can offer. Above all, being close to both the sea and the mountains and thus being able to enjoy the many possibilities that this offers. 

Our community is the epicenter of Vortex. We believe in the importance of balance between work and personal life and therefore we elaborate a monthly calendar with not only professional activities but also outdoor activities, such as hiking every other weekend.

In this post, we share our selection of the 5 best hiking trails (approved by our coworkers 😉) near Valencia to enjoy nature along with mountains, views, history, rivers, marshes and incredible landscapes at a maximum 1-hour drive from the city. For other options further away, check out our next blog 5 best hikes in the region more than 1h drive from Valencia city.

1. Castillo de Chirel in Cortes de Pallás

This route is simple and friendly for the whole family, the ascent between the mountains will allow you to have a beautiful view of the Cofrentes reservoir and when you reach the top you will find the castle of Chirel, although in ruins, perfect for resting, eating and admiring the beautiful views from the top.

2. La Casella i La Murta in Alzira

Suitable for all ages, this route combines natural beauty with historical richness. La Murta and La Casella run through ancient monasteries, beautiful landscapes and spectacular views. One of the historical secrets of this route is the Romantic Garden of La Murta, located behind La Casona, which serves as the botanical garden of the area.

3. Ruta de los Pantaneros in Chulilla

Hanging bridges, spectacular cliffs and a vibe full of serious climbing throughout the area. In this route we also take the opportunity to enjoy the small town from where it starts, Chulilla, walking through streets of white houses, the castle ruins on top and its gastronomy.

4. Sierra Calderona: mountain and sea

Located a few kilometers from Valencia, Sierra Calderona offers many spectacular hiking trails, but above all has, from El Garbí it offers the best views of Valencia. It is also a good destination to enjoy the full moon rising from the sea, and the starry sky away from the light pollution of the city. 

5. Ruta del Agua de la Hoya de Buñol

With this route, just half an hour from Valencia, we go through caves, waterfalls and natural pools. It is the perfect option in the summer to enjoy a day of route, bath, and picnic.

In our Hikes portfolio there are many more routes; some are well known already (Ruta del Agua en Chelva, Cascadas de Anna) but others are not so much… and we will keep them secret 🤫 not everything can be shared!

Do you like Valencia for a living as much as we do? If so, and if you work remotely, the only remaining thing is to decide which coworking space in Valencia is the perfect match to improve both the landing and the overall experience in our beloved city. 

And if hiking is your thing, you’ll want to check out one of the memories of one of our outdoor activities to get an idea of what’s going on in our community. Adventure awaits you at every step! Will you join us?