Essentials to enjoy downtown Valencia

Essentials to enjoy downtown Valencia

Essentials to enjoy downtown Valencia 960 720 Vortex Coworking

If you have just joined our coworking space Vortex Centro, Gran Vía and you already know the essential tips and tricks for enjoying everyday life in our workspace, the time has now come to get to know our favorite places when it is time for FUN.

10 restaurants for a casual lunch or dinner in  Valencia´s city center:

  1. Voltereta Bali y Manhattan: Closest to our coworking space, you will love their design, atmosphere, and decoration.
  2. Leixuri: Vasco-style restaurant right in the center of Valencia and less than 10 minutes from our coworking space.
  3. El Timbre: Tapas and grill bar, perfect for drinks and dinner.
  4. La Raspa: Traditional tapas bar very close to El Timbre and our coworking space.
  5. Bar X: low cost but charming branch of Chef Ricard Camarena’s chain of restaurants.
  6. Lateral: Located at Plaza del Patriarca, one of our great favourites, very close to our coworking space.
  7. Tagomago: A really good option if you are looking for an elegant and pleasant atmosphere for dinner.
  8. La Diva: On Sorní, the same street as our coworking space.Experience a great atmosphere after dinner with music, drinks and dancing as it transforms into a club.
  9. Trinquet de Pelayo: Next to the Estación del Norte train station, with a menu of quality local products.
  10. Llit del Turia: Located in the Rio Turia, a 10 minutes walk from Vortex Centro. Their array of events and terrace in the middle of the city’s green heart will entice you!

10 restaurants of the world in Valencia 

  1. Francia: La Fondue, Elegant French restaurant on Calle Morales Serrano for cheese lovers!
  2. Italia: Lambrusquería, Our coworkers favourite Italian restaurant is located in the neighbouring area of Cánovas.
  3. Japón: Fuji For Japanese food lovers , you will find this restaurant with the best atmosphere 10 minutes away from Vortex Centro, including tatamis!
  4. China: Seventeen Hotpot in Cánovas offers a new hotpot experience.
  5. Asturias: La Taska, also located in Cánovas with one of the best cachopos in Valencia, not to be missed!
  6. Marruecos: Aladwaq, just 10 minutes walking from our coworking space. 
  7. Mexicano: La Venganza de Maliche, Very close to the Gran Vía area. Perfect for a 100% authentic Mexican experience. 
  8. India / Nepal: Kathmandu, atmosphere and unique original dishes.
  9. Vietnamita: Vị Việt on calle Pelayo and Cánovas. 
  10. Ukraniano: Pascal, A recommendation from our Ukrainian coworkers.

3 elegant restaurants and bars close to our office

  1. Atenea Sky: Enjoy dinner with a view of the Ayuntamiento and a stunning sunset from elevated heights. 
  2. La Diva,  a selection of classic and fusion dishes in an elegant and modern atmosphere. On our own street, Calle Sorní.
  3. Palau Alameda: with a rooftop restaurant.

For `Estrellas Michelin´ and awards: La Salita, Flam and Llisa Negra

10 Fun places for an afterwork close to Vortex Centro:

  1. La Raspa in Cirilo Amorós, a cosy and chic place to have good wines and a bite to eat.
  2. Ostras Pedrin another Valencian classic for oysters, wines and tins.
  3. Mercado Colón: Several options including our favourites, Pantalán 5 and Vino y Flores.
  4. Palau Alameda: Valencia’s best terrace for tardeos.
  5. Cerveceria Aquarium: A staple in Valencia, where time seems to stand still. Enjoy the atmosphere on the terrace as waiters in bowties serve cocktail and montaditos.
  6. Rooftop Palacio Santa Clara: Our latest greatest discovery located at the end of Calle Colón.
  7. Atenea Sky: Perfect for an afterwork drink, with sunset views of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  8. Apotheke: The most elegant place for drinks with a bar that offers a wide selection of cocktails and food.
  9. Llit del Turia: they offers a variety of afternoon events on its fantastic terrace in the middle of the Rio Turia.
  10. Sala Gestalguinos: A cosy event space hidden from the view of passersby offers a variety of evening performances for audiences.

Activities near our coworking space:

  1. Sports
    • Running: Connect with members of the coworking space and join a midday or afternoon run by the river. There’s no better way to recharge your batteries. We have a shower in the space for your convenience.
    • Padel: Join in on the padel games that we organise with our coworkers.
    • Gym: SUMA is conveniently located nearby with a fully equipped gym and classes.
    • Morales Box: The first boxeo boutique in España, right around the corner from Vortex Centro, on Calle Serrano Morales.
  2. Outdoor activities: 
    • Yoga: Join the yoga sessions organised by Yoga en las Estrellas at Rio Turia, less than a 5 min walk from our coworking space. 
    • Latin Dances: Every Sunday at Rio Turia. 
    • Cycling: Thanks to the cycle lane that surrounds the entire city, you can easily cycle around the most interesting areas 
  3. Culture:
    • Museums: In the Valencian city center area you can find many museums such as the Palau del Marqués de Dos Aguas, Bombas Gens, IVAM and Hortensia Herrero.
    • Architecture: Valencia’s most important buildings and those that make up the Gran Vía de Valencia are examples of the rich architecture that makes up the city.
    • History: Explore the streets of the old quarter to learn about our beloved city’s history.
    • Sala Gestalguinos: A space with weekly cultural programmes, concerts, open mics, presentations and much more.

Finally, here´s a little bit about us and why our know-how is worth reading: Vortex Coworking’s second location in Valencia was this one, in November 2019. Vortex Centro is our boutique coworking space, in line with the neighborhood that surrounds us. The location is unbeatable due to its proximity to the historic city center, the shopping area, and the Valencia green lung, the Turia Garden. References that our community has the opportunity to enjoy every day, and generate these tips and recommendations that we are very excited to share in this blog, with what we have seen and experienced in all these years in our beloved neighborhood.

Now, if you want to know more about the restaurants, bars, and recreational activities in our neighborhood, you can continue reading our lifestyle blog: Everyday essentials at Vortex Coworking Centro.

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