Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions 650 418 Vortex Coworking
Everyday we receive many questions about the monthly plans in our coworking spaces in Valencia, the specific services, the community and Vortex in general.  We want to answer some of these questions so that you have the answers to the most common ones at hand. 

About Vortex Coworking

  • What does Vortex mean? 

Vortex (Vortex in Latin) is a physical point that induces rotation around it. For example, the epicentre of a hurricane. For our community, Vortex spaces are the energetic epicentre of a community in which things magically happen.

  • What is the Vortex Community?

It is our heart and flag. What we are most proud of. Being part of our community will allow you, if you wish, to connect with like-minded members and become part of a “cozy tribe”. Because we believe in making friends, not just contacts through our monthly calendar of professional, social and sporting activities.

About our coworking spaces in Valencia

  • Can I come and visit your coworking spaces? 

Of course! You can book a tour through our website. It will ask you to select the space you are most interested in (or if you are not sure, select all of the ones you are interested in) and the time you want to come. When the day arrives, our Hosts will welcome you and tell you everything you need to know. 

  • What are your Business Hours?   

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Here you can consult Valencia’s work calendar and check the dates of public holidays. 

  • When can I access and use the space?   

The access and use of the space depends on the plan you choose; Fix Plans and Private Offices’ members can use the space 24/7. Whereas Flex Plans’ members can use the space from Monday to Friday (working days) from 8am to 6pm. Here you can find more information: Plans and Rates.

  • How can I access the coworking space outside Business Hours? 

If you have a monthly rolling plan, we will register you with our access system so that you can have autonomous access to the Coworking Space during the hours that are included in your chosen plan. This access will be automatically updated on a monthly basis when your plan renews itself / if there are any changes made to your plan. 

If you do not have a monthly rolling plan, but you have signed up to other services such as day passes, meeting rooms or vouchers, then you will be able to access the building during our business hours (9am-6pm) and our team will be happy to  buzz you in and welcome you to our Coworking Spaces.

  • Once I am registered at Vortex, do I have access to all of your Coworking Spaces in Valencia?

If you are a member of one of our Coworking Spaces in Valencia, you will only have autonomous access to the specific location that you registered with as part of your plan.

However, you can also use the Hotdesk area of our other Vortex locations during business hours (9am-6pm). If you would like to do this, you will need to contact us in advance via email so we can book you in and so the Host can meet you on arrival to buzz  you in (as your autonomous access only works in the coworking space where you are registered)

As the plans are renewed on a monthly basis, you are not permanently committed to one location; you are welcome to change your plan and register with our other Vortex location for the following month – you just have to let us know and we will sort it!

  • Can I use the space on an hourly basis?

The Day Pass rate is a flat rate and cannot be changed. This allows you to use the space for as much or as little time as you need during our business hours (9am-6pm).

In terms of our monthly plans, if you only want to use the space for a few hours a day, we have another solution: the Half-Day Flex Plan. This allows you to use the space for the whole month from Monday to Friday by choosing the morning slot (8am to 1pm) or afternoon slot (1pm to 6pm). 

  • Can I bring my pet? 

We are pet friendly and are happy to welcome pawfessional members in our coworking spaces. If you would like to bring your pet, please ask us beforehand to check that there is availability for a furry member, as we have a limited number of spots for pawfesssionals.

  • Can I bring visitors or guests to the space? 

Sure! You can meet visitors at Vortex workspaces by booking a meeting room. Also if you have a Fix Plus, Fix or Private Office plan, your plan includes a Guest Day Pass per month. If you would like to use your Guest Pass to bring a visitor, please send us an email.

  • Are there lockers?

Yes! You can add a locker to your plan, as well as screens, standing desks and more! Do keep in mind though, that the Fix monthly plans include a desk where you can leave your belongings, and the Fix Plus Plan also includes a lockable chest of drawers. 

  • My work requires an ethernet connection, is it possible?

Yes! We have several ethernet connection points, just ask us and if they are available we will reserve them for you.

  • My Spanish is minimal, will this be an issue?  

The Vortex Team is bilingual and always happy to help in both languages. Also, Vortex Community is international, and most members speak both English and Spanish (among other languages), which makes it a friendly environment to practise your languages too!

  • What activities and events are organised at Vortex and how can I find out about them or sign up?

If you are a member of our community, you can keep up to date with the community through our communication threads. You can also look at our monthly onsite calendar, which you will find displayed in each of our coworking spaces. 

But above all, to keep up to date with what’s going on in the community, is to connect with its important to connect with other coworkers in our spaces, as in addition to the official activities proposed each month, members organise many other plans on a daily basis, such as meals, afterworks, paddle tennis or beach volleyball games.

If you are not (yet) a member of Vortex, you can keep up to date with the events and other services that are available to the public through our social networks (Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook). You can also keep up to date with our professional events by following us on Eventbrite.

  • Do you offer solutions for companies and teams? 

Yes! We have Private Offices of different sizes; for teams from 2 to 10 people. In addition, we also offer solutions for rotative work models. If this is what you are looking for, request information here. If you only need an address to register your company or activity in Valencia, you may be interested in the Virtual Office service.

Yes! At Vortex we also offer specific services catered for teams from all over the world who want to spend a few days working together in Valencia. Our services are focused on facilitating and creating an environment that invites you to connect, share and cooperate; experiences that generate meaningful team bonding and positive, impactful memories. 

These types of experiences are aimed at both teams that normally work remotely and need to reconnect; as well as for teams that work together in an office, but need a change of scenery to boost teamwork, creativity and innovation.

If you are interested, you can find more information about Offsites and Retreats in Valencia organised by Vortex. 

About our monthly plans/memberships and one off services

  • How can I book a desk?

It’s easy! If you need a workspace for a day or want to try out the Vortex experience, you can book your Day Pass right here.

If you want to sign up for a monthly plan just fill in the Monthly Plan form and we will let you know what to do next once we have received your application and checked our availability.

  •  How do our monthly plans work?

Our plans run per calendar month and without permanence. You can choose between Fix Plans with 24/7 access or Flex Plans with access from Monday to Friday working days from 8am to 6pm. 

Every month you can choose to change or cancel your membership with a 7 days notice prior to the renewal.

If you would like to start in the middle of the month, yes that is possible as well. You can start with a Flex plan (5 days or 10 days) for the current month. 

In the case you need 24/7 access you can add the applicable fee for extended access or sign up directly for a Fix Plan, in which case we will apply a pro rata for the remaining days of the current month; in the latter a minimum of one month renewal is applicable. 

  • Can I do a trial day?

To try out any of our workspaces in Valencia for a day you can book a Day Pass. And, if after using it, you want to sign up for a Monthly Plan during the current month, we will deduct the amount paid from the monthly fee you sign up for!

If you are still not convinced… book a tour and we’ll find the best match for your needs!

  • Can I have calls at my spot? 

In the open-space area it is OK to take occasional and short calls from your desk at a low tone of voice, library style, not to disturb other coworkers.

For longer or frequent working calls, we have available phone booths and meeting rooms that you can book through Vortex member’s platform at any time.

In addition to the above, we can offer other solutions such as individual private offices or RingRoom offices specific for this. Please contact us and we will give you more details. 

  • In addition to the call booths, can I use the meeting rooms?

Of course! Each monthly plan includes a number of hours of meeting room use, and additional hours can be booked at a special member’s rate. If you are an active member, you can book this through the platform, if you are not an active member, please contact us via  email.

  • Do your plans have a fixed commitment period?

Our monthly Fix and Flex plans have no commitment period, but are renewed on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month. 

All you have to do is simply cancel your plan 7 days before the renewal date and that’s it! This can be done directly through your member’s profile.  

In terms of our Private Offices, the contract has a commitment period according to the conditions agreed by both parties. Contracts can be monthly, half-yearly or yearly. The plans are automatically renewed on the scheduled end date, unless 60 days’ notice is given. 

The Virtual Office service is a yearly contract and is renewed annually on the scheduled end date, unless 7 days’ notice is given. 

  • Do you have screens or should I bring my own? 

You can do whatever is best for you! 

If you have a Fix monthly plan, you can bring your screen and leave it in your place permanently. If you don’t have a screen, don’t worry, we do! (and they are cool too!!) If you want to rent a screen, this can be added to your Fix plan. 

If you don’t have a Fix plan, you can bring your screen every day, but you will not be able to leave it here as you don’t have an assigned desk. However, you can rent one of our screens for the days that you are here.

We also have other accessories available to rent such as standing desks or lockers!! 

  • What if I don’t have a Fix monthly plan, but I need to work outside of Business Hours?

In that case we recommend switching to a Fix monthly plan (Fix or Fix Plus) or adding the 24/7 fee if you have a Flex 5D or 10D plan.  Please feel welcome to contact us sharing your needs and we’ll be happy to help you to find the best solution for your needs.  

  •  If I am not going to use the space for the whole month, do I have to choose a monthly plan?

You don’t have to! We also have one-off services such as the Daily Pass, the 10 Day Pass or the Weekly Pass – a hint! If you don’t want to miss out on any of our community activities during your stay at Vortex, we always recommend a monthly pass that gives you access to the Vortex community.

  • What are the benefits of the monthly plans compared to the one-off services?

With the monthly plans (Private Office, Fix or Flex) you are part of the Vortex Community. This means you have autonomous access to your Vortex space (during the times specified in your plan). You also get access to the member’s platform where you can manage your profile and bookings, access our communication channels, receive member benefits and access our calendar which shows our professional, social and sporting events. 

With our one-off services, such as Day Passes,  the Voucher 10 dats or Meeting Room bookings, you do not have autonomous access to the space and therefore you will need to book in advance so our Host can let you in and welcome you during our business hours. 

To summarise, our monthly plans allow you to independently manage your Vortex profile through the Member’s platform. On  this platform you can make bookings for meeting rooms or call booths, as well as join our community channels and access the calendar to get involved with the Vortex community if you wish. 

For everyone who comes to work at Vortex, no matter what plan / pass you have,  Wifi, water, tea, coffee, air-conditioning and, most importantly, the good vibes are always on the house  😉

  • Can I share my plan with someone else? 

Our plans are non-transferable, meaning they cannot be shared with other people, except in the case of our Concilia plans.

The Concilia Fix Plus and Fix Plans are for couples who want to get a better work-life balance, helping you to juggle work and family life. With this plan, a couple living together can share the use of the coworking space by using the space alternatively (not simultaneously). 

This means one person can work in the coworking space at a time, giving you and your partner a separate space to work away from home and the family. You can swap in and out of the workspace with your partner, giving you a chance to juggle childcare or take calls in a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of family life. 

  • Can I pause my membership if I go away for a while? 

As there is no commitment period, you can cancel your monthly renewal or change your plan (as long as you give at least 7 days notice) and rejoin Vortex at any time. Please note that the desk you were occupying will be vacant and upon your return it is not guaranteed you will be able to choose the same desk.

It is common for our coworkers, many being digital nomads, to be away from Valencia for periods of time, either for work or personal trips, holidays, etc. – we love and celebrate our Global Citizens! Even when away, many of our members continue with their plan so they know their desk will be waiting for them when they return. This means their desk is reserved for them and they won’t have to worry about it being assigned to someone else.

For members who don’t need to use the physical workspace for a while but still want to stay connected to the community, we have another solution: the V Club plan. This plan includes 1 Day Pass per month (which is cumulative and transferable). This gives you access to our communication channels, Vortex calendar, and information about discounts and exclusive member benefits.

  • Is there always space available and will I be allocated a spot?

For our Fix monthly plans (Fix Plus or Fix), you will be able to chose your assigned spot and you can leave your belongings from one day to the next, as well as add accessories to your desk such as a screen, standing desk, etc. 

For our Flex monthly plans, there is no assigned seat. Once you arrive, you can take a seat in an available spot in the Hotdesk area. You can reserve a place through the member’s platform to make sure you get a spot!

If you forget to book and it happens to be a busy day, don’t worry! You are welcome to work in one of the common areas (kitchenette, sofa, patio/balcony) until a Hotdesk spot becomes available. 

For our one-off services such as Day Passes and Pre-paid Vouchers, you will need to book-in on our website, or contact us directly via email to confirm availability.  

  • Can I bring my own furniture and decorations?

The furniture in the open space (Fix Plus, Fix  or Flex Plans) is the one provided by Vortex. However, if you want to add a special touch to your own Fix desk you can personalise your desk with a plant, photo or lucky charm, go for it!! 

In terms of our Private Offices, please contact us and we will discuss the possibility of changing  furniture and decoration. 

  • I need an address for my company, but I don’t need to use the physical space, is this possible?

In these circumstances our Virtual Office service is the solution you are looking for. This service includes the use of the business address of one of our coworking spaces to register your activity, postal mail reception, as well as other benefits and discounts. 

If you haven’t found the answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer it and provide you with the best solution for your needs. If you would also like to know more about our history, you can visit the blog ‘My history with Vortex’ and you can also find more information on our About Us page.