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Coworker basic survival guide to Valencia’s Marina and Cabanyal

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Do you work in El Cabanyal or La Marina de Valencia? In this blog we tell you what you need to know to make your working day in the area easier. A survival guide that we deliver to the new Vortex Coworking incorporations on their first day and that we now want to share with other professionals and coworkers who work here: where to have coffee, the menu restaurants, the takeaways, the terraces sun and where to take something when leaving work.

Let´s start:

Where to have a cup of coffee:

  • El Rinconcillo It is one of our favorites and the closest to coworking. As you would expect with Italian owners, coffee and croissants are top and they also have soy milk option. But the best thing is your terrace in the sun away from traffic to enjoy the weather and the light of Valencia. They open at 9am.
  • Café al Forn It is a bakery with a nice decoration and area for kids. Coffee, pastries and pleasant surroundings
  • Cafetéate Cabanyal Market offers specialties of coffees and teas brought from around the world. The favorite of our coworkers, the capuccino with chocolate
  • Ca Rakel, with whom we share a wall in Vortex Coworking, prepare the best “Cremaet” we have tasted in Valencia

Where to eat from midday menu for less than € 10:

  • El Rinconcillo: Italian with a dish of the day (Italian specialty, different every day) for € 5.
  • Malafama: Although the pintxos bar is the specialty, at midday they have a menu that usually includes a vegan option –
  • Ca Rakel changes its menu every day and usually includes some vegetarian option
  • Café Contigo has, in addition to a menu, a wide salad menu, juices and smoothies

Takeaway and so eat in the office or coworking:

  • La Barraca: Homemade food with rations 3-4 €. The specialty? Valencian paella and fideua every day, and a different rice every day. The quality of the food is so well known to all that it is necessary to reserve the ration before 12 o’clock, or you may be left without. We dare to say that it is one of the places with the best price in Valencia.
  • Bar Compostela: next to Vortex Coworking, they have a very wide and varied menu every day and you can order a ration to take for € 3
  • El Rinconcillo, Ca Rakel, Café Contigo.


  • We have two Mercadona close to Vortex Coworking: Mercadona 1 Mercadona 2
  • Co-Alimento in the same street of the Queen that also have an oven that make croissants, ensaimadas and empanadillas



  • Yoga: In our coworking we organize yoga sessions for members every two weeks. However, the schedule or frequency does not fit all and the study of the most popular neighborhood among our coworkers is Aruna Yoga
  • Gimnasio Indoors Samaranch It is a very complete gym with paddle tennis courts.
  • Gimnasio Indoors AQUA, one of the most complete in Valencia and with SPA.
  • Gimnasio Indoors Full CrossFit Valencia in La Patacona and close to the beach of Valencia
  • SUPLife in the Marina offers classes and equipment for rent of SUP and surf. One of those luxuries that some can enjoy when working in a coworking near the beach and near the marina

Drink anything afterwork around 19h/20h:

  • El Viento and El Ultramarinos, few steps by Vortex Coworking, They are perfect to snack, dine or extend the night with a live concert with your coworkers.
  • Festinar: also steps away from our coworking, they do jazz concerts on Thursdays and delicious individual pizzas
  • El Clavo and La Peseta, a classic from Valencia for vermouth.
  • La Fabrica de Hielo: 15 minutes walking from the coworking space it has a wide and varied monthly program with concerts and cultural activities, one of the most fashionable places in Valencia.
  • La Pilona Cultura: broad cultural agenda, tapas and vegan food.
  • La Batisfera: the twin of the Cabanyal de Ubik Café in Ruzafa. On the same street as our coworking, Calle de la Reina.

We hope this guide of “essentials” is useful for the professionals with whom we share a neighborhood. For our part, we will try to keep this guide alive by periodically incorporating the essentials that we discover. And, of course, if you need a meeting room, a virtual office or a space to work … come and visit Vortex Coworking! We invite you to a coffee.

Welcome to Vortex Coworking

800 416 Cristina

Do you know me? In any case I’ll start by introducing myself, I’m Vortex Coworking, a shared work space in Valencia with a clear mission: to help you on your professional path.

How can I do this? Offering not only an office rental, a place to work from, but much more: a community of professionals with whom to share, collaborate and grow in coworking. And I want to do it in the best possible environment, at the epicentre of the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem near EDEM, Lanzadera and Innsomnia by Bankia Fintech. In the port of Valencia, just steps from the beach and in the neighborhood of El Cabanyal.

At Vortex we believe in the new way of working: coworking. In helping and being helped, in the synergies that may arise among the coworkers, in the direct and indirect opportunities that arise in a professional environment designed for it, and in going to work every day with enthusiasm and excitement. And, overall, happy. Do you like our philosophy? Do you share our values? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to come and visit us and we will tell you firsthand what comes next in the blog. If the answer is no, keep reading!

Vortex Coworking was thought and designed with the following objectives:

  • Make the interaction of the community easy and in a natural way. How? With common areas and two open work areas where coworkers share the space: Focus Zone, more isolated and quiet with capacity for 10 coworkers; Vortex Zone, the epicentre of energy and ideas of coworking, with capacity for 36 coworkers.

  • Additional services to work without worrying about anything else: electricity, water, cleaning, wifi and ethernet and the amount of bills and contracts that are generated by all these services; meeting rooms, reception, business address; and for those who only need coworking a few days per month, virtual office. With a flexible contract commitment, an office rental that can be renewed month by month. This, in addition, allows you to size your office based on the number of employees. How? Renting one more desk when you hire someone new (or vice versa). With coworking you can forget about the limitations of an individual office rental.
  • A beautiful and professional office, so much that you will want to show off with with friends, colleagues and clients. The space is modern, mixing industrial style with vintage. Walls with exposed brick, high ceilings with wooden beams and large windows to the indoor patio with plants and vegetation, our garden. As one coworker said on his first visit, “I felt in Brooklyn.”
  • Family atmosphere to feel at home: a coworking dimensioned for 50 people, optimal number for professionals to produce synergies without giving up the personal and family environment.

  • Make your workday entertaining, offering options for your breaks: shower so you can leave at any time to run to the beach (before coming to work, at noon or at the end); piano enabled with headphones so as not to disturb other coworkers while you play the piano; relax area with sofas to rest or meditate; kitchenette (with free coffee !!) where you can chat with colleagues, ask for advise when you are stuck with something at work or just make plans for the afterwork.

But in addition to a work space and a community of professionals, we are working to offer more services and added value. How? Organising activities such as:

  • Events and Workshops, both professional and social

If you did not know me, now you do. And I would like to meet you too, so please come to visit our coworking and enjoy fresh coffee in the kitchenette!

And if you already knew me, thank you for trusting me. I hope to meet your expectations and more, because with each new client we learn and improve.

Thank you for your time and I hope we see you soon here

Vortex Coworking

My history with Vortex Coworking

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It was 2016 and I had been working as an engineer in corporate in the renewable energy sector for several years. But my mind had been thinking for some time, mostly just for fun, in business ideas and how to make them work. I chatted with friends and played the game of brainstorming. And what started as a hobby, became a reality: I wanted to start my own business and make happen one of those ideas.

First I partnered with someone and we created an online wine shop while I was still working at the multinational, I job I didn’t quit then. A start up that did not work either. After that I decided to undertake as a solo entrepreneur one of the three business ideas I had in mind at that point, full time. Vortex was not one of them.

I left the job at the corporation and before immersing myself in the new professional direction I decided to go on a trip; take a break, reset and recharge batteries for my next professional life. And, what was initially going to be a two months break traveling through Asia, became more than a year travelling around the world. A trip that started cycling Vietnam (from south to north) and ended in Hollywood, Los Angeles, working on my own idea from We Work, the world’s number one coworking spaces network.

What happened during that year? I worked from my computer, in my ideas, in my blog and in a book that I started writing while traveling in Asia, Africa and America. I was looking for a coworking space wherever I went and worked from there, I interacted with people with similar values that inspired me, gave me ideas, offered me contacts and helped me. I made friends, I grew as a professional and as a person. Coworking, a new way of working, new for me, offered me a professional environment that I thought I had given up when I decided to start a business on my own, solo. I realized how important it was to be surrounded by other professionals and how much that was helping me on my way. And then it happened, I put aside my previous ideas to make space for Vortex: I wanted to create a working space with the best of all the coworking spaces I was discovering during my travels. And my mission would be to help other entrepreneurs, freelancers and solo professionals in their own professional challenges.

My trip became, in addition to my great adventure, a market study about coworking in the world. I visited many different styles: Hubud (Bali), Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, Cape Town, Morocco, etc. Until finishing in Los Angeles, where We Work had several coworking buildings. I joined in the one in Hollywood, the neighbourhood where I lived those months when LA was my base. From there I brainstormed and developed the business plan of Vortex Coworking, surrounded by professionals from the movies and tech industries. What a great mix.

Why in Valencia? First for personal reasons, I wanted to return to my hometown after 15 years overseas. Because Spain is very cool, and I believe so after having lived and traveled many places in the world. And I’m not the only one, half the world loves Spain and dreams of living here. And Valencia, among all the cities, is my favourite. Family, friends, good weather and good food, you don’t need much more for a happy life, don’t you think? But personal reasons were partnering with professionals ones: I believe with absolute objectivity that Valencia is a perfect city for entrepreneurs and digital nomads, the main clients of coworking spaces. Why? Valencia has a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, an affordable cost of living, is well good connection to the big cities of Spain and Europe; manageable city size, a more than pleasant climate and an enviable quality of life. And … beach. The magic word.

Why the name Vortex? The idea came up thanks to the leader of a hippie community that I met in Venice Beach, where I wend to surf during my days in Los Angeles. Vortex (in Latin) means vortex and is the epicentre of a cyclone. And that I wanted to be my coworking space, the centre of the hurricane of ideas and energy of a community of professionals. And to add energy to my space, I had to choose a location that was a vortex in itself; I wanted to place the epicentre of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Valencia: the Port of Valencia.

But in life, not everything is work. Vortex had to be in an interesting, authentic neighbourhood, with leisure and sports options at the doorstep of the coworking space. And then I met the Cabanyal, adjacent to the port of Valencia, Lanzadera, EDEM, Innsomnia by Banckia Fintech, the main accelerators of startups, not only in Valencia but also in Spain. And on the beach.

Magic. The Vortex Coworking ingredients had come together.

Cristina (Founder)