Activities and events for our community

Activities and events for our community

Activities and events for our community 650 487 Vortex Coworking

As we told you in our first blog My history with Vortex Coworking. Vortex, in Latin, means vortex. Why this name? More than a coworking space, we want to be the epicenter of a hurricane, a place where people connect, ideas flow and synergies born: the vortex of our community.

Our community is our flag and that is why we dedicate so much time and effort to strengthen the bond and to facilitate the integration of new members into the family.

How? In this Blog you will read about our sport, social and professional activities calendar that we organize from Vortex Team to energize our community.

Monthly Breakfast

The first week of every month we organize a mid-morning breakfast to welcome new members, introduce the most veteran members and talk about plans, activities and news for the month.

Breakfasts are organized in our two coworking spaces, and each month a special member is the protagonist by bringing products from their country or from their business: honey tasting, horchata from Alboraia, etc.

Weekly Afterwork Drinks

After a week of hard work, one of the most awaited moments of the week arrives, going for a drink with colleagues on Thursday or Friday evening. From Vortex Coworking we always propose places close to our spaces, a good way to get to know our neighborhoods, their places and their people.

To let you know the places we usually go when we decide to stay near Vortex Playa, we wrote two blogs: Things you need to know when you work from Cabanyal and 10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal; and by the time we stay in the Colón neighborhood we have the blog: Things you need to know when you work in the center of Valencia.

Weekly lunch

One day per week we have an appointment with the most authentic Italian restaurant at Cabanyal neighborhood, it has become part of our family. We will not reveal the name to maintain its “hidden gem” status. Authentic Italian pasta and tasty coffee. You can always take an hour per week to catch up with your coworkers while you eat at a sunny terrace just steps from the office, don’t you think?

Weekly sports activities

Sports activities have always been included in our calendar. Running on Tuesdays before starting the work day. On Wednesdays after work, Padel Tennis match. On Wednesdays, yoga with adapted schedule schedule to our members by the instructor Cristina Martín. And run again on Thursdays at the beach or along the Turia river, depending on whether you work at Vortex Playa or at Vortex Centro.

If you prefer water sports, both in summer and winter, we have surf or paddle surf lessons organized together with Suplife with whom we have special bonuses and discounts for Vortex Coworking members.

And finally, the star sport in the community, BeachVolley. Connect with other members and go for the matches that are organized on the weekend. And if you want is to learn, we recommend teh school BeachBol in La Malvarrosa, near our Vortex Playa space.

Monthly outdoor activities

Once a month we like to propose or have our members propose a different activity, such as a hike on Saturday for all levels. An outdoor activity in contact with nature that helps us disconnect from the city and get to know those hidden places at the Valencia Region.

Professional Events

We encourage our members to give a public talk at least once on an interesting topic related to their work. This is how we organize monthly talks on digital marketing, copy writing, entrepreneurship, blockchain, social networks, etc. We give visibility to the event through our channels: website, Meetups, Facebook and IG.

In addition to member’s talks, we have monthly networking events organized by Business Coach Chloe Delaunay. e also open to the community, being an opportunity for them: art exhibitions, showrooms, book presentations, etc.

V Club membership

If you were a member of Vortex Coworking and now for whatever reason you cannot continue to use our spaces, but you also do not want to disconnect from the community, don’t worry, we have the V Club membership that will allow you to continue being an active member of our community and attend to all the events that are organized.

In addition, you will have a Daily Pass included per month so that you can come and work from one of our spaces, or give it to whoever you think may be useful. We are more than a workspace; we are a community.

We will post all these activities and those that may arise with all the details as we have always done in our calendars at the Vortex Centro and Vortex Playa kitchenettes, as well as in the whatsapp and slack channels created for that.

Do you want to be part of this community of professionals? Do not hesitate, get in touch with us by writing to .

More than a Coworking Space, we are a Community.