Virtual Office: your commercial address in Valencia

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Virtual Office: your commercial address in Valencia

Virtual Office: your commercial address in Valencia 650 432 Vortex Coworking

What business location do you think will give your customers the most confidence at work? One located in an area with commercial and financial relevance? Or in an area that isn’t a private home? Looking at the images above which would you pick? oficina virtual valencia

The answer is, it depends on the business. In Valencia, if we are trying to convey more of a prestige, credibility and trust to our members, the most successful location would be the first photo. However, for tech companies or the maritime and port sector, it would be the second. And this, amongst other things, is something you can achieve by hiring the Virtual Office service.

For this reason, at Vortex Coworking we have chosen these two locations for our coworking spaces in Valencia: Vortex Centro, in the commercial and financial heart of the city, and Vortex Playa in the Marina of Valencia.

Virtual Office: what it is and what it is for.

A virtual office is a space and a set of virtual – and real – services that help to carry out activities similar to those of a traditional office. But the virtual office has the advantage of not having the large maintenance costs of a physical premises.

It allows you to have the address (physically and if you want to send any posts you can) of your business and a service of meeting rooms, offices and workstations at your disposal. All of this can exponentially improve your professional image.

The Virtual Office is undoubtedly the perfect option to be able to run your company at your convenience from where ever you are (whether or not you need to “transmit” with a location). On top of that, you can also place the business address in the location that best suits your type of business.

Where did the idea of the virtual office and business address originate from?

The idea was conceived in 1994 by Ralph Gregory, founder and president of Intelligent Office, when he founded the so-called ‘Virtual Office Inc’. This concept has evolved due to the ability of companies to operate remotely through the use of constantly evolving technology.

The emergence of software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom and many other platforms have allowed entrepreneurs to reduce the cost of renting offices. This flexibility has allowed companies to form teams outside of the most prestigious locations and thus reduce overall costs. But that does not prevent them from having 5-star locations as their social and commercial address.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

Virtual offices are increasing in popularity among entrepreneurs, especially since the pandemic. The main reason is that they offer a wide spectrum of benefits to professionals who do not need a physical space:

  1. Take your business up a level in professionalism by hiring a virtual office in a prestigious location.. If you normally work from home, you will be forced to put your home address in your contact details and business cards.
    Avoid it by hiring a virtual office. .
  2. It allows working remotely from any location and you can access your business at any time without affecting the most bureaucratic part of your business (correspondence, etc.).
  3. Reduce the costs (and time) of hiring a physical office when, due to the type of business, you do not need a physical space, but you do need an address.
  4. You have at your disposal a space in a timely manner where, not only to register your company, but also to serve clients, partners or suppliers, even meet with your colleagues using offices or meeting rooms.
  5. Flexibility: your company can grow without having to change its business address or search for new spaces. You can even expand by contracting the service for multiple locations.

Virtual offices allow businesses that are run from home or remotely and small businesses or entrepreneurs, to give a good image of their business at an affordable monthly cost. They get not only a prestigious business address, but also a physical office with meeting rooms, offices and workstations for when they need it on time.

Las oficinas virtuales permiten a los negocios que se llevan desde casa o en remoto y a las pequeñas empresas o emprendedores, dar una buena imagen de su negocio por un coste mensual asequible. Obtienen no solo una dirección comercial de prestigio, si no también una oficina física con salas de reuniones, despachos y puestos de trabajos para cuando de manera puntual lo necesiten.

If after reading this blog you now want to register your company in one of our locations: Vortex Centro (C/ Sorní 12), o Vortex Playa (C/ Reina 10), please do not hesitate to drop us an email at: and we will get back to you with all the details and will arrange a day to visit at your convenience.

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