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Coworker basic survival guide to Valencia’s Marina and Cabanyal

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Do you work in El Cabanyal or La Marina de Valencia? In this blog we tell you what you need to know to make your working day in the area easier. A survival guide that we deliver to the new Vortex Coworking incorporations on their first day and that we now want to share with other professionals and coworkers who work here: where to have coffee, the menu restaurants, the takeaways, the terraces sun and where to take something when leaving work.

Let´s start:

Where to have a cup of coffee:

  • El Rinconcillo It is one of our favorites and the closest to coworking. As you would expect with Italian owners, coffee and croissants are top and they also have soy milk option. But the best thing is your terrace in the sun away from traffic to enjoy the weather and the light of Valencia. They open at 9am.
  • Café al Forn It is a bakery with a nice decoration and area for kids. Coffee, pastries and pleasant surroundings
  • Cafetéate Cabanyal Market offers specialties of coffees and teas brought from around the world. The favorite of our coworkers, the capuccino with chocolate
  • Ca Rakel, with whom we share a wall in Vortex Coworking, prepare the best “Cremaet” we have tasted in Valencia

Where to eat from midday menu for less than € 10:

  • El Rinconcillo: Italian with a dish of the day (Italian specialty, different every day) for € 5.
  • Malafama: Although the pintxos bar is the specialty, at midday they have a menu that usually includes a vegan option –
  • Ca Rakel changes its menu every day and usually includes some vegetarian option
  • Café Contigo has, in addition to a menu, a wide salad menu, juices and smoothies

Takeaway and so eat in the office or coworking:

  • La Barraca: Homemade food with rations 3-4 €. The specialty? Valencian paella and fideua every day, and a different rice every day. The quality of the food is so well known to all that it is necessary to reserve the ration before 12 o’clock, or you may be left without. We dare to say that it is one of the places with the best price in Valencia.
  • Bar Compostela: next to Vortex Coworking, they have a very wide and varied menu every day and you can order a ration to take for € 3
  • El Rinconcillo, Ca Rakel, Café Contigo.


  • We have two Mercadona close to Vortex Coworking: Mercadona 1 Mercadona 2
  • Co-Alimento in the same street of the Queen that also have an oven that make croissants, ensaimadas and empanadillas



  • Yoga: In our coworking we organize yoga sessions for members every two weeks. However, the schedule or frequency does not fit all and the study of the most popular neighborhood among our coworkers is Aruna Yoga
  • Gimnasio Indoors Samaranch It is a very complete gym with paddle tennis courts.
  • Gimnasio Indoors AQUA, one of the most complete in Valencia and with SPA.
  • Gimnasio Indoors Full CrossFit Valencia in La Patacona and close to the beach of Valencia
  • SUPLife in the Marina offers classes and equipment for rent of SUP and surf. One of those luxuries that some can enjoy when working in a coworking near the beach and near the marina

Drink anything afterwork around 19h/20h:

  • El Viento and El Ultramarinos, few steps by Vortex Coworking, They are perfect to snack, dine or extend the night with a live concert with your coworkers.
  • Festinar: also steps away from our coworking, they do jazz concerts on Thursdays and delicious individual pizzas
  • El Clavo and La Peseta, a classic from Valencia for vermouth.
  • La Fabrica de Hielo: 15 minutes walking from the coworking space it has a wide and varied monthly program with concerts and cultural activities, one of the most fashionable places in Valencia.
  • La Pilona Cultura: broad cultural agenda, tapas and vegan food.
  • La Batisfera: the twin of the Cabanyal de Ubik Café in Ruzafa. On the same street as our coworking, Calle de la Reina.

We hope this guide of “essentials” is useful for the professionals with whom we share a neighborhood. For our part, we will try to keep this guide alive by periodically incorporating the essentials that we discover. And, of course, if you need a meeting room, a virtual office or a space to work … come and visit Vortex Coworking! We invite you to a coffee.

Relocating to Valencia – Where should I live?

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Moving to a new city can certainly feel like a daunting exercise – besides finding a coworking space, you will likely think about choosing a new neighbourhood, navigating the local processes, and securing a fair deal, there is plenty to consider. The good news? You’re not the first! And hopefully this article will help simplify things for you when relocating to Valencia. Decisions, decisions! 🙂

So first off, choosing a neighbourhood (aka ‘barrio’).

Architecture & Style

When it comes to architecture, Valencia is an old vibrant city with a mix of modern, less modern, and drop dead gorgeous classical buildings. If exciting glimpses of Roman, Art Deco, Modernist, Art Nouveau and Gothic on every turn is your thing, you’ve chosen the right city. We would suggest starting your familiarisation by foot in El Carmen and the old town, a leisurely walk south across the Gran Via (‘Big street’) into Ruzafa and Canovas, together named L’Eixample, before heading east to the Turia riverbed, which you can follow towards the beach (known here in Valencia simply as ‘el río’). On your way you’ll dip under bridges dating to the middle ages and eventually bump into Santiago Calatrava’s stunning ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ (City of Arts and Sciences) in Camins el Grau, a new modern area popular amongst families. You’re now quite close to the gridded barrio of El Cabañal (or El Cabanyal written in Valenciano). This is one of the most fascinating neighbourhoods in Spain, and the buildings are a mix of single storey Baroque from the 1840’s in addition to multi-level art nouveau, art deco and modernist structures, along with several high rise buildings. A hidden gem of traditional Spanish tiled façade designs, Cabañal stretches from the Maritim subway stop towards La Marina de Valencia (Valencians’ harbour) and to the beach. Being the proximity to the sea the key reason why we chose this neighbourhood as our first Vortex Coworking location in Valencia; for those looking for a #workbythebeach lifestyle.

Culinary Culture

If specialty coffee culture is your thing, we recommend checking out Los Picos in Ruzafa, CafetéaTE al Cabanyal in the market of El Cabañal, and Federal Café in the old city centre. Some say that it’s hard to swing a cat in Ruzafa without interrupting a flat white loving hipster, and they might be right. In practice, the early signs of hipster communities are in many of Valencia’s barrios as the city continues to recover from recession and young Valencians seek out new eateries and coffee spots. In short I would say Ruzafa is a developed international hipster area, where El Cabañal is the rough diamond with loads of authentic Spanish places to discover, El Carmen the classic place with loads of atmosphere in the tiny streets and you can let the student in you get alive in Benimaclet where you find cool bars and hangouts. Unique and different is embraced in this historical city, and nowhere is this truer than in the city’s restaurant community which continue to evolve to Valencian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Argentinian, Venezuelan, Chinese, Middle eastern recipes, tastes and fusions. We recommend exploring widely, as new places are popping up every week. Top tip, El Cabañal has some hidden gems – including one of Spain’s oldest taverns (Casa Montaña), possibly the best paella in town (Casa Carmela) and authentic Flamenco nights in Mar d’Amura.

Day to day convenience

There can be a decent diversion in convenience across Valencia’s neighbourhoods, and some areas tend to cater to the residential needs of singletons, families, or house-shares better than others. Whether it’s for schools, social bars, or supermarkets it’s worth checking your list of needs before inking a contract. In general we find that the mix of commercial to residential use is well balanced, and availability of fresh produce and convenience stores is pretty good.

(Mercado Central), Cabañal market (Mercado Cabanyal) and Ruzafa market (Mercado de Ruzafa) come highly recommended. Additionally the city is served by great public transport system (which has less greater connections in Ruzafa), including a metro that connects the beach to the city centre and airport, so proximity to this service might be a big consideration when searching out your new casa in Valencia.

Valencia on a budget

While Ruzafa, El Carmen and El Cabañal tend to be the primary hotspots for internationals, we would also recommend checking out barrios on the fringe of the more hip areas, including Camins al Grau for families – because of the schools and proximity to the river and shopping centres like Aqua to do some hassle free shopping with your little ones – Malvarossa because it’s right at the beach, and also Benimaclet just north of the university. Especially for the budget conscious, or the more intrepid travellers amongst us. In general the barrios around the popular threesome tend to be a good choice if you don’t want to end of spending hundreds of euros just for being on a prime spot, but would like to benefit of these areas close-by.

In summary, we recommend exploring this wonderful, walkable city of diverse barrios and styles. In the next series of blogs we’ll dig deeper into the barrios so that you can soon tick all the boxes; finding a coworking place to your liking and knowing where to live. Don’t worry too much as Valencia might seem big because of all the barrios, but this lovely city has a great overview with easy connections. In meantime, if there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know!

Written by Silke Bongers, owner of Open Door Valencia, a real estate agency specialized in making your housing search hassle free for the international market. She offers several services to help you finding your dream house in the city that you’ll surely fall in love with; Valencia! Get in touch with Silke here 

How to obtain a NIE number

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An NIE number. Since you have been living in Valencia or doing online research there is a big chance you have heard of an NIE number and many times with a tad of frustration. It’s indeed quite a hassle to obtain one. With this quick guide we explain to you why you should get one and how you apply for an NIE in Valencia so you can easily move through the process and wave proudly high this precious paper with a number soon.

What is an NIE number?

An NIE number is the short form of Número de Identidad de Extranjero, or in other words; an identification number for foreigners in Spain. All EU citizens can apply for this number, as for non-EU citizens the process is a little different as they need to apply for a TIE which is both an NIE and a form of identification.

Why should I get an NIE number?

Basically you will need an NIE for every professional or economic activity in Spain. For example, an NIE is required when you want to buy a house or rent an apartment, start a business, study, or just to work in Spain, open a bank account, open/close a phone or internet contract, register at social security, buy a vehicle, subscribe yourself to the government in Valencia and many more things… So as soon as you know you’ll be staying over a couple of months we recommend you arrange your NIE before you even take another step.

How to apply for an NIE?

It’s quite likely you tick at least one of the boxes above. No need to panic as the process is doable, as long as you know which steps to take and make sure you have a copy of a copy of a copy…

There are three ways to obtain an NIE:

  • You apply for an NIE once in Valencia
  • You apply for an NIE at the Spanish embassy in your country
  • You contract a company, sit back and relax until you obtain your NIE

Applying for an NIE in your country of residence is an option if you buy a (second) house in Valencia where you won’t live year-round or won’t stay longer than 3 months in Valencia. Check the website of the embassy of your country for specific rules in your country.

In this blog we guide you through the total process of applying for an NIE yourself in Valencia. However, if you need an NIE more quickly or don’t want the hassle feel free to contact us as we can help you get in touch with NIE professionals who will do the job for you.

  • STEP 1 – Make an appointment online

The only place where you can apply for a NIE number in Valencia is the ‘Comisaria de Policia’ (click here for Google Maps) and the only way to get in there, except committing a crime, is making an appointment ONLINE via this website.

The website is in Spanish, but we’ll show you how to make an appointment below:

The website is in Spanish, but we’ll show you how to make an appointment below

  • Select the province Valencia in the dropdown menu and click ‘Aceptar’.

Select the province Valencia in the dropdown menu and click ‘Aceptar’.

  • Select ‘POLICIA – Certificados / Comunitarios’ followed by ‘Aceptar’.
  • On the next page there’s nothing to select. Click ‘Entrar’

On the next page there’s nothing to select. Click ‘Entrar’

  • On this page you fill out your details; passport number, name and surname, year of birth, nationality and let them know you’re not a robot. When done, click ‘Aceptar’.
  • Then you’ll get to the screen where you apply for an appointment. Do that by clicking on ‘Solicitar cita’.
  • You’ll either see a screen with maximum three possibilities you can choose from, or get the message below which means there are no appointments available and you have to try again later.

- You’ll either see a screen with maximum three possibilities you can choose from, or get the message below which means there are no appointments available and you have to try again later.

Three frustrating things  to know from the start:

  • In Valencia the average waiting time for an appointment is 4 to 6 weeks.
  • There are not many appointments available per day, so you’ll need to check the website a few times a day to see if new slots show up.
  • We have heard there is a quicker possibility outside of Valencia, in Paterna, to make an appointment via the phone (in Spanish). The waiting time might be half as short as in Valencia. Give it a try!

  • STEP 2: Get the right documents for your appointment

If you managed to get your appointment, that’s great! Time to dive into the paperwork and find a copy machine. An overview of the documents you need:

  • A filled out EX-15 form, which you can download here*.
  • A copy of the EX-15 form which you filled out
  • An online filled out Tasa (tax) form called Modelo 790-012, which you can find here*.
  • A copy of the Modelo 790.
  • Your passport
  • A copy of your passport

* Only download the forms via the official websites to make sure you have the correct version.

  • STEP 3: Fill out the EX-15 and Modelo 790-012 forms

How to fill out the EX-15 form and Tasa Modelo 790-012? We’ve made life easy for you. Follow the screenshots below.



EX-15 FORM-2

EX-15 FORM-3


To obtain the form you have to fill in the details on their website.

To obtain the form you have to fill in the details on their website.

  • Leave the ‘Autoliquidación’ on ‘principal’

  • Then fill out the date and place of your appointment and make sure again you’re not a robot by entering the letters and numbers, followed by clicking ‘Descargar impreso rellenado’.

Then fill out the date and place of your appointment and make sure again you’re not a robot by entering the letters and numbers, followed by clicking ‘Descargar impreso rellenado’.

  • STEP 4: The appointment

On the day of your appointment make sure you bring all the required documents and copies. You don’t want to wait another six weeks in line.

Show up on time at the Police office (click here for Google Maps location). Once there they’ll ask you to show the forms and will give you your temporary NIE number.

  • STEP 5: Pay for your NIE at the closest bank

Go to the closest bank (for example the BBVA at Plaza de España) to pay the fee of € 9,64. You can easily pay at one of the machines where you’ll find an instruction form as well. Make sure you get a ticket/receipt of your payment.

  • STEP 6: Go back to the police station to get the stamp

Back at the police station you wait your turn to be seen again. You don’t need an appointment this time. Give the officer your documentation including the receipt from the bank and they will give you one of the EX-15 forms with your NIE on it. Ask them when they want you to come back to pick up your official NIE.

  • STEP 7: Pick up your NIE at the police station

Normally you can pick up your NIE a week after your appointment. Make sure you bring your passport and the EX-15 form they gave you and the officer will hand over your NIE. This is the right time to have a big smile on your face and wave your precious paper in the air!

Not sure if it’s worth the hassle? We are in touch with some companies who are happy to help you obtaining your NIE. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, as prices vary from € 70,- to € 500,- for two NIE numbers including the possibility to obtain your NIE in 1 or 2 weeks instead of the average 4 to 6 weeks.

Are you a Vortex member? Silke and Cristina will be glad to help you filling out the forms if you struggle!

Written by Silke Bongers, owner of Open Door Valencia, a real estate agency specialized in making your housing search hassle free for the international market. She offers several services to help you finding your dream house in the city that you’ll surely fall in love with; Valencia! Get in touch with Silke here 

How to find an apartment in Valencia

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Once you choose Valencia as your new home to make memories, many struggle in finding a property to rent long term. As the city is becoming more and more popular and the housing market is quick, prepare yourself. Especially if you’re a foreigner just moving to Valencia, you might be faced with some fear or simply not being replied. Finally we’re here to guide you through the process of finding you a place to feel at home under the Valencian sun! Read on for our 10 tips and tricks.

First things first. Decide how long you want to commit to a property before you start your search. Under 3 months is considered a short stay and best to book an Airbnb or similar. In this blog we zoom in on the long-term rentals, let’s say a year to start with.

  1. Plan enough time for your search

Make sure you plan enough time to find an apartment. You start searching and plan when you’re in Valencia? Book an Airbnb for at least two weeks to a month to give you the rest and peace to do a good search. You don’t want to be in a rush or say yes to an apartment only because your check-out date is fast approaching you.

  1. Check the area

Valencia has 19 districts and 88 neighbourhoods (called barrios). All have a different character so you will do well to read online about popular areas to live in. Make a shortlist of the districts that grabs your interest and check them out once in Valencia. Take into account that the most popular areas are also the ones that stretches your budget. So have a look around these areas to have the benefit of living close to them. In Valencia the areas Cabanyal, Ruzafa and El Carmen are most popular. Benimaclet is popular among students. Worth checking: Quatre Carreres (close to Ruzafa and the Turia park), and Camins al Grau, a kids friendly area with good public schools and located between the beach and the city.

  1. Make your non-negotiable top three

You will probably have a lot of wishes or demands. Minimum amount of bedrooms, distance to the sea, public transport facilities, an elevator, budget, the style of the house, furnished or unfurnished, parking space… well we can continue for a while. Count on the fact that it will be unlikely all your wishes will be accomplished. Make a list of the top three things you really (and we mean really) don’t want to compromise on. Your non-negotiable items. Focus on those and see the rest as a plus.

  1. Search on the right platforms

The online search can, and will probably, take you hours and hours. We share our favourites with you to see which suits you best. Are you looking for a furnished room for long term? Go to www.spotahome.com; a great and young platform specialized in finding furnished long term apartments and letting you reserve them right away without paying a visit. Once you’re looking for unfurnished homes the websites www.idealista.com and www.fotocasa.com are the most popular ones. www.kyero.com and www.pisos.com are good second choices. Also Facebook groups like ‘Expats in Valencia’ and ‘Valencia information exchange’ are places where apartments are advertised.

  1. Create alerts on platforms

You don’t want to miss out on your dream apartment because you found out it’s there one day after the advertisement is online. Create alerts, so automatically an email pops up once a property matches your criteria. And then, follow the next step!

  1. Pick up the phone

Our biggest tip: call the agency to see if the apartment is still available. Unfortunately a lot of what you see on the platforms (and by a lot, we mean a lot) have already some very happy tenants inside.

Many agents do not respond to emails. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, pick up the phone to find out and ask if they speak English (hablas Inglés?). Sending a Whatsapp message is a good alternative as well. If the agent doesn’t speak English, ask a friend, bartender or your Spanish teacher to make an appointment for you. Be flexible, try not to plan ahead, but visit the apartment the same day or next day maximum.

  1. Decide quickly

So you’ve planned your visit. That’s a great step. As we told you already, the rental market in Valencia is quick, very quick! Be prepared to decide if you want to rent the apartment on the spot or a few hours after. If the interest is high because of the price, area and/or style and the lack of apartments available in Valencia, the ship might have already set sail if you take too long to think about it.

  1. Reserve the apartment

Found your dream apartment? Ask how you can reserve it right away (make sure you sign a reservation contract) otherwise you might see the apartment being taken under your nose just a day before you’re supposed to sign the contract.

  1. Check the extra fees and paperwork

The Spanish and/or Valencian renting market might work different than you’re used to. To be informed well rather than being surprised once you’re about to close a deal take the following things into account;
– The deposit (in Spanish ‘la fianza’) is normally 1 month for an unfurnished flat and 2 months for a furnished flat. Make sure the deposit is stated correctly in your contract. You can try to negotiate it to one month.
– Are you visiting with an agency? It’s rather common to ask 1 month rent as a fee for their service. Top that fee up with a 21% VAT (IVA) and you’re good to go.
– If you’re a foreigner and don’t have a fixed job or a contract in Spain you might have some renting fears. Unfortunately it happens that you have to pay 3 months or even half a year in advance to give the owner more certainty that you’re able to pay the rent.
– Make sure you transfer the monthly rent with a bank transfer. If they ask you to pay in cash; high chances that your landlord avoids paying tax for their income.

It might be a hassle to convince the landlord you’re a good tenant. They may ask for you NIE (social number in Spain), job contract, bank statements and much more. Stay realistic and be clear about your personal situation.

  1. Count on disappointments

Sometimes a property looks awesome online and in reality, but you see it slipping through your fingers to another tenant or because the owners want you to pay several months in advance and you can’t afford that. Don’t bow out, keep on fighting, in the end it will make you enjoy the sun on your face on your lovely terrace even more!

Written by Silke Bongers, owner of Open Door Valencia, a real estate agency specialized in making your housing search hassle free for the international market. She offers several services to help you finding your dream house in the city that you’ll surely fall in love with; Valencia! Get in touch with Silke here 

10 reasons to live or work in El Cabanyal

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(photo credit to @maryconcyincucina)

The location of your office or your company is a key decision for the positioning and performance of any project, even with the entry of new technologies, and this decision can have both professional and personal consequences. That’s why we chose El Cabanyal neighborhood, a place that combines quality of life and professional opportunities. In addition, we can boast of being the only coworking space in the new fashion district in Valencia, steps from the sea, the beach and the port. At least for the moment.

And why can we say that El Cabanyal is the new fashionable district in a city as important as Valencia? Ruzafa is the established fashion district without a doubt, but El Cabanyal is, in addition to an old fishing district with history and artists, a popular destination among tourists, it is on the beach and is located next to the Valencian entrepreneurship epicenter,la Marina Real and the port of Valencia. Therefore, it has history, art, technology, innovation, professional opportunities and an authentic and unique charm. Then we tell you what we consider the top 10 advantages of living or working in El Cabanyal.

  1. Beach

There are many neighborhoods in Valencia, but not with beaches. The beach of El Cabanyal is an urban beach, with low-rise houses and can boast of being the beach where renowned artists such as Sorolla, Blasco Ibañez, Goya and, even, Hemingway walked in their time. It is a clean beach, with well-groomed sands and no sewage.

(photo credit to @velvetwalnut)

The promenade borders the beach passing through La Malvarrosa and reaching La Patacona. You can enjoy the irregular framework generated by the different houses and buildings of one, two or three heights and the restaurants arranged along the promenade. In our coworking space it is common for members to come to the beach to make a “break” during the workday, including some taking a bath. It is also a destination to enjoy some afterwork that we organize for the community, or spontaneous afterwork among the members.

  1. Neighbourhood way of life

The value of a neighborhood is defined by its people, its neighbors and the life that is born from the relationships that are built between them. The neighborhoods are marked by their location, their physical conditions and the possibilities that are generated around them, but it is the people and their energy that can change a place. And El Cabanyal is close and familiar neighborhood, characteristics of the Spanish and Mediterranean culture, fundamental for the well-being.

Go out and be greeted, meet you or ask you how your weekend has gone; to address you with “Buenos días rey/reina/cariño”, the closeness, selfless help, all this present in any scene in the neighborhood El Cabanyal. Values that we also promote in a coworking space.

  1. Professional Location

Valencia is consolidated as an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The VLC Tech City brand is committed to an innovative city, technological development and a sustainable and intelligent economic model. That’s why Vortex Coworking chooses a location like this, right next to the port of Valencia and the Royal Navy, of the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem; to be part of this environment full of knowledge, innovation and opportunities.

Valencia hasLa Marina de Empresas, promoted by Juan Roig, recognized businessman and honorary president in EDEM. It is formed byEDEM (School of Entrepreneurs, Valencia), Lanzadera (accelerator of startups) andAngels Capital (investments for sustainable development of companies); three environments that complement the best conditions for individual growth and talent.

  1. Key dates

It is a traditional neighborhood, but also bohemian and extravagant. It is a symbol of the resistance of the people and at the same time it has a bohemian, artistic and beach atmosphere reminiscent of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. In his annual calendar he has written down a series of key dates that give him a point of singularity that you will not find in other areas of Valencia.

“La Semana Santa Marinera” is a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 2012. The municipal market, the street markets and the market of Kings bring you even closer to the people of the neighborhood, their product and their customs. The day of Portes Obertes (open doors) brought you closer to the typical houses of the neighborhood through art and culture. And of course “Cabanyal Intim” that offers a wide cultural agenda for all its neighbors, with some performances held in private and local homes. In our entry “6 key dates in El Cabanyal” you can find more details.

  1. Gastronomy

Spain is known throughout the world for its gastronomy and Valencia is one of the cities marked in the list of must-see visits for any lover of good gastronomy. And in El Cabanyal you can discover new ways to mix traditional cuisine with the creative and the contemporary. It is not a neighborhood of exotic restaurants, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, etc., at least for now. But yes of places to take the vermouth, the “esmorsaret” (little lunch) and restaurants and wineries with quality wines, fresh and local produce, tapas and rations that will surprise you and a treatment that will invite you to come back.

¿Quieres conocer los que, para nosotros, son las propuestas más atractivas para comer, almorzar o ir a tomar algo por El Cabanyal? El barrio cuenta con míticos y clásicos restaurantes, pero además el barrio está en auge y se está convirtiendo en el barrio de moda.

Among all the options we have in a neighborhood like this, our coworking space highlights mythical and traditional restaurants such asCasa MontañaAnyora or Casa Guillermo; the essence of the neighborhood reflected in Mar d´Amura,El Ultramarinos,ElViento Bar,La Peseta,La Paca,Taska LaReina orLa Pascuala.

If you have opened your appetite and need more detail of what each of these pieces of life of El Cabanyal offers, you can continue reading in our entry dedicated to this topic“10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal”.

  1. Architecture

The architecture of El Cabanyal is characterized by its ceramic facades with tiles and striking colors, low-rise houses and each one different and that joins the urban art that takes over some abandoned streets and facades: streetart, graffiti, murals and graffiti adorning the empty walls of unused buildings or the walls that limit many of their plots.

The neighborhood is recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest. Its particular architecture has its origin in the old fishermen’s barracks, with narrow facades, perpendicular streets. Constructions that were born in unoccupied lots, the result of the destruction of the neighborhood after a fire at the end of the 19th century and which led to the appearance of new houses at two heights with abundant modernist decorations and unique tile coverings and many examples of Art Deco.

  1. Orientation

Related directly with the previous point, the architecture, we can talk about the perfect orientation of El Cabanyal for everyday life, since it has a North-South oriented plot designed so that the fresh wind can flow and enjoy the pleasant breeze summer that gives us the proximity to the sea. During the day, that fresh wind will run from the sea to the land and, at night, the opposite direction, which allows a pleasant temperature during most of the year.

(photo credit to @gionn1)

In addition, thanks to the fact that the houses are low and with direct access to the street, it allows to cool not only the neighborhood, but also part of the city of Valencia. Its current form is the result of the Mediterranean tradition and common sense, hence its preservation and protection over time.

  1. Leisure & Culture

In El Cabanyal there is leisure and culture day and night. Concerts, art, poetry … one of the most fashionable venues in Valencia is the Fabrica de Hielo, an old industrial building converted into a bar and a cultural space where they organize a large number of events, concerts of all kinds of music, workshops and exhibitions. photography, thematic days or presentations of books and reading clubs. Flamenco Concerts in Mar d´Amura, Jazz in ElViento Bar are just some of the cultural and leisure contrasts of the neighborhood.

Valencia was the birthplace of illustrious artists in Spain such as San Vicente Ferrer, Benlliure, Joaquín Sorolla, Manuel Candela, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and Juan Luis Vives, and it is planned to open a cultural center in the former Cabanyal slaughterhouse in the heart of the neighborhood (in ground zero), where a historical archive of the Maritime neighborhoods will be housed, temporary exhibitions and a series of cultural activities that will enrich the agenda of the entire neighborhood.

  1. Sports

Having the beach so close opens a wide range of sports possibilities. You can practice sailing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, surfing (if you have read correctly, not always but sometimes we get good waves), volley ball or simply play shovels. In addition to water sports, the promenade and the dock is an ideal place to train for runners or to ride a bicycle. In our coworking space we try to take advantage of these opportunities and organize outings to run at dawn (with the sunrise over the sea) or at sunset and Stand Up Paddle thanks to our friends from SUPLIFE Valencia..

In the neighborhood sports activities are organized, highlighting the most summer 4k known as the “Volta a la platja València”, which translated into Spanish is the “return to the beach Valencia”. A very special tour since it takes place in the beach itself, which allows the youngest (under 14 years old) to participate in a previous race called the “volteta” or “vueltita” (little run).

(photo credit to @suplife_valencia)

In addition, the Municipal Sports Federation offers a multitude of free activities on the beaches of Valencia that include yoga, Pilates, Latin fitness and even Tai Chi.

  1. Benefits of living close to the beach

Living or working near the sea entails a series of benefits for the health of your lungs or tension, your brain and your body in general, as well as other advantages on an aesthetic level.

But not only offers benefits to your body but also to your way of life and your attitude to life and work, they even say that greater opportunities arise both in social relationships and professional opportunities.

All this you can discover in more depth and detail in our next entry: “10 benefits of living near the sea.”

(photo credit to @linneacarolinajohanna)

In summary, we already knew that Valencia is a great place to live and work because of the many advantages it presents such as the cost of living, the quality of life or the climate, as we already mentioned in our entry “10 advantages of living/working in Valencia”. But especially El Cabanyal presents a series of additional benefits as a neighborhood to live or work in this beautiful city. If you still do not know the neighborhood or us, head for our coworking space, you will fall in love with this special and safe atmosphere that you will want to return.