Las Fallas, the Valencian festival

Las Fallas, the Valencian festival

Las Fallas, the Valencian festival 678 500 Sandra Mayoral

Las Fallas “what is it?” It is often the most asked question in our coworking spaces in Valencia when March approaches. What are we celebrating? How long does it last? Well, we are going to unravel this for you, answering these questions and more about the amazing festivities coming up right outside our doorstep!

Las Fallas is a traditional Valencian festival that is celebrated from the last Sunday of February up until March 19th, the day of San José, patron saint of this festival. The most important days are concentrated between March 15th and 19th, this is when the streets of Valencia are filled with color, noise, and impressive artistic creations, also named Fallas.

The origin of Las Fallas comes from an ancient carpentry tradition where, on March 19th, the pieces of wood that held oil lamps in the winter are burned in front of the workshops, welcoming the longest days of spring. As this tradition has evolved these have become works of art built on wood (and polystyrene) that we find on the streets nowadays.

During these 19 intense and exciting days for the falleros, the streets become alive, filled with noise and excitement from the daily mascletás in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. This is accompanied by music bands; Fallas figures gathering to arrive on time; lights adorning each street at night and, awaiting the arrival of the 5 most important days, the Semana Fallera. This week contains the key events of Fallas:

 March 15: La Plantà

The falleros of each Falla work until very late to get their Fallas figures ready on time, and on the 16th, a jury visits all the Fallas in Valencia and chooses their favorite, along with the ninot (or doll) that is also pardoned, escaping the fire that will burn all the other art creations.

Day 17: First day of the Ofrenda de Flores

On the third day of Fallas, the falleros of each commission prepare to distribute prizes for the Fallas figures. This day includes the most important act of the week, the Ofrenda de Flores to the Virgen de los Desamparados. Walking through the streets of Valencia with the traditional costumes, bouquets of carnations will be delivered by all falleros and falleras to the monument of the Virgin in the Plaza de la Virgen. The act begins at 3:30 p.m. and continues until the Fallera Mayor Infantil de Valencia delivers her bouquet.

Day 18: Second day of theOfrenda de Flores and Nit del Foc

On the second day of the Ofrenda de Flores a la Virgen, the mantle is completely full of bouquets of carnations that have been brought by all the falleros from Valencia. During the same night, the Nit del Foc is celebrated in the Jardín del Turia at the top of the Palau de la Música from 1 in the early morning with fireworks show that you cannot miss! It will make you fall in love with all the fiestas that Las Fallas has to offer.

Day 19: San José and Nit de la Cremà

The last and most exciting night of them all is on March 19th. Following the tradition of the carpenters and, in honor of our patron saint, the Fallas figures, both for children and adults, are burned as the culmination of the festival. The children’s Fallas will be burned at 8:00 p.m. and the older ones at 10:00 p.m. except for the one in the town hall, which will be at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

From our side, Vortex Coworking’s monthly agenda is full of proposals to make the most of Las Fallas: to begin with, our monthly breakfast is dedicated to Las Fallas, with showroom fallero and quiz presented by Sandra, our Fallera Mayor; the Mascletá Break at noon every day from our Vortex Centro space, very close to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento; and the Fallas action from the surrounding areas of Cabanyal from our space Vortex Playa.