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Hybrid and remote work bring many benefits and flexibility to employees. However it may also bring some downsides, such as loss of sense of belonging and bonding with workmates and with the company culture. How can we cover these downsides? Through curated off-site professional retreats and team building experiences that provide the time and space to catch up on the physical interaction needed to improve employees interaction, create bonding and sense of belonging. And Vortex Coworking is here to help you on that mission.  

Our concept is based on a Work & Play experience to soak up into the Company Culture and engage with teams and employees. A meaningful and lasting memory to take back home.

Why outsource the organization of your team retreat?

Sounds like a fun task, right? It is, but it is also time consuming. Our suggestion is to save those resources and leave the logistics to the local experts so that you and your team can focus on the content and discussions happening during the retreat while enjoying an authentic local experience. 

Why Vortex to organize your company retreat in Valencia? 

Community and Team building is our DNA. We craft unique experiences on a daily basis for the community working from our workspaces, as well as for companies bringing their teams out of their routine for a meaningful experience. We know the best venues to fit for the occasion and the activities that work best depending on the goal you are after with the retreat. Don’t fall into the beaten track and a touristy to do and to go list. Bring in epic and unique experiences in Valencia that we, local experts, know well. 

Not only we can provide great venues and activities in our dear city Valencia. We can provide professionals services to cover other additional needs that you might have: local guides speaking languages, moderators or professional coaches. 

Our ideal team ranges from 10 to 20 employees on a one-week professional retreat. However, we can organize customized retreats of any type whether it’s a small team or a whole company retreat. Too bold? Too small? Too big?  Don’t be shy and ask! We can make it happen.

Goals for Team Building experiences

Work Retreats or Team Workation can have different purposes; could be to Focus (hackathon, innovation or design sprint), Company Culture to strengthen the bonds within the team, onboard new employees:Celebration (year results, fundraising round or product launch), Organization approach, like to brainstorm plans and goals for the next year or redesign internal processes.

Benefits of Professional Retreats 

Why should I organize a Team Retreat? The benefits are many. Whether you are willing to take time and space to look at the bigger picture for important and company-wide decisions; or show appreciation for your employees and colleagues; encourage team members get to know each other better; boost morale, motivation and team spirit; enhance creativity and innovative thinking by being out of the box; or create bonding and sense of belonging. All of this and more are things you can take home after a professional retreat.

Sound interesting? Contact us for more details and let’s bring together a unique experience for your team!