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Coworking vs Working from home: 10 advantages

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Why spend your money on a coworking space, when you can work from home for free? The ability to work from home may sound great, but brought into practice it…

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Coworking versus Traditional Private Office: 10 advantages

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The office sector is changing at speed. Coworking spaces no longer a transitory option between the initial stage of a start-up and its consolidation and corporate own office. In fact…

Coworking vs Cafe with wifi: 10 advantages

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If you are freelance, or your company allows you to work remotely, you have four alternatives to work from: home, cafe with wifi, a traditional private office or from a…

10 Advantages of Coworking

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Are the walls from home closing in you? Do you need an office, but you don’t have time to deal with a leasing agreement, cleaning services, electricity, internet, bills and…

What is coworking and its history

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“That coworking thing, what is it?” My father asked at the beginning of this adventure. That’s when I realized that not everyone is comfortable with this type of anglicisms. It…