5 Tips to negotiate long term remote work with your company

5 Tips to negotiate long term remote work with your company

5 Tips to negotiate long term remote work with your company 650 512 Vortex Coworking

More and more companies are introducing remote work to their employees, although still many resist the trend. Worries and fear about keeping motivation and efficiency is what prevents them for giving it a real try. Until now. With covid-19 many companies have been forced to implement the systems that allowed remote work and give it a proper test.

In this blog we will share some tips about how to negotiate successfully with your boss remote work in the long term:

1.Know the advantages for the company.

Before having a meeting with your boss, it is important to know well the benefits that remote work can bring to the company.

  • Reduces pollutions due to reduction of employees commuting
  • Improves employees efficiency by reducing commuting time in their day routine
  • Reduction of company’s overheads costs (office space, car parking, etc)
  • Improves company’s brand image
  • Attracts talent by providing flexibility, options and quality life.
  • Tech Innovation by having your employees used to the latest software tools.
  • Covid-19: reduction of commuting and therefore of risky environment; reduce mass groups, specially in offices and headquarters of more tan 50 employees, with whom you share lifts, building access, toilets, etc. The less people the less risks.

2. Prepare solutions.

It is likely that your boss or manager has many doubts about how to implement remote work, specially if it is the first time that they are going to introduce it to the company. Doubts such as, for example: how to hold virtual meetings, how to manage confidential data, how to stay connected, day schedule, or the impact in your contract (or taxes). That is why it is very important to educate yourself on all of these, and have ready a solution to present to your boss during the negotiation.

3. Be ready to compromise.

In a good negotiation both parties should win. Win-Win. Therefore, be ready to give something. It is very common, in situations like these, companies ask for a decrease in salary due to employee’s savings for non-commuting or the less cost of living wherever the employee has the remote work base. It is convenient that, before the negotiation, make your numbers and decide how far you’d be willing to give away.

4. State your motivations.

Be clear about the reasons why you want to work remotely, that these reasons are important to you and be aware of your status in the company. When presenting your motivations, you must be clear and honest, whether the reasons are professional or personal, and prepare how to explain them clearly and convincingly.

5. Find a suitable environment to work.

This will give confident to your employer that you are serious and professional about working remotely; you have to know where you are going to work since this can be decisive for your boss to make a decision. You may be thinking of working from home, looking for a more professional environment to do so walking distance from your home, or a combination of both. Whatever your plan is, a coworking space such as Vortex Coworking will have memberships options to adapt to your needs.

And for when you’ve succesfully achieve your goal, we will be waiting for you at Vortex Coworking to start together this new workstyle, surround yourself with like-minded professionals, and we can offer you two prime locations in Valencia so that you can chose the most convenient for you: Vortex Centro in Calle Sorní 12 (the financial and commercial hub Valencia) y Vortex Playa in Calle de la Reina 10 by the beach and Marina de Valencia, in the trendy Cabanyal for a more chill and international vibe.