Coworking vs Working from home: 10 advantages

Coworking vs Working from home: 10 advantages

Coworking vs Working from home: 10 advantages 650 444 Vortex Coworking

Why spend your money on a coworking space, when you can work from home for free? The ability to work from home may sound great, but brought into practice it can be tough for many. In fact, at Vortex Coworking we have several members who worked from their homes and one day, out of curiosity, came in to give it a try to a coworking space… and stayed. Actually, some find their perfect balance by combining work from home with a coworking space.In this Blog we will talk about the advantages of working in a coworking space versus doing it from home:

1. Routine when working from home 

Perhaps one of the worst drawbacks of working from home is the difficulty of creating a routine or schedule; some days the tasks and distractions of the house consume your time. Other days you may end up working too many continuous hours without taking any breaks or talking to anyone. Working from a coworking space helps you to create a working routine and be consistent with the hours you invest at the business.

2. Concentration

When you work from home, keeping separate personal life from work becomes very difficult, both for you and for those who live with you, especially if you have little ones at home. A good alternative to avoid all those distractions is to move to a nearby coworking space and focus on work when you have to, and go back home and focus on your personal life. To sides of life, two spaces.

3. Services

A coworking space brings all services you may need to work: high speed Internet, correct lighting, silence and quietness when you need it, coffee and company for those breaks during the day, meeting rooms, workshops to continue self-education, etc. But offers all services, if something breaks down (internet for example) it won’t be you who has to fix it and fight with the internet operator; in a coworking space, the staff will do it for you.

4. Image

In any business, a good professional image is very important. Receiving your customers, partners or colleagues at home, if comfortable, may not be the most professional surroundings, nor the best option to maintain your privacy and that of your family. To receive your customers, partners or suppliers in a coworking space, spaces that normally have a nice design and prime location. For example our coworking spaces locations in Valencia are in the heart of the city downtown and by the Marina and the Beach; locations carefully chosen with professional and trustworthy history.

5. Community

Tired of being isolated at home during most of your day without interacting with other professionals? Coworking spaces are ideal if you are looking to combine your business day with a professional and a social environment, where you meet similar people and at the same time different from you. This will allow you to take a break or ask for business advice to any of your colleagues at the space. And this sense of community that coworking brings is, in our view, one of the best added values that the concept brings to the members. Actually, one of Vortex Coworking Valencia mottoes is We believe in making friends, no contacts.

6. Networking

A coworking space is not only about surrounding yourself with company. It goes beyond in a natural and organic way: professional opportunities and synergies arise when working at a coworking space, not only with the community members but with their professional and personal network as well.

If, for example, you are an architect, you have direct access to potential customers in the space, but also to their network of friends and professionals. Or a lawyer, or a consultant, or a secretary. And, returning to our motto We believe in making friends, no contacts, we believe that this is, along with the “community” advantage, one of the greatest added values that coworking brings to their members.

7. Motivation

There are good and bad days. And the not so good are better off with a solid routine that pushes you to get up, shower, get ready and go to work; and if in a nice, positive, cheerful, inspiring environment, surrounded by like-minded people who empathizes with you.. even better. Our members have confirmed that since they work in Vortex Coworking their motivation is much higher. Would you like to try it?

8. Professional growth 

Working from home isolates you from the training opportunities in your city. However, by working in a coworking space you are surrounded by active professionals and not only will you have access to the training that takes place at the coworking itself, but also to a source of information of what happens in the city, references of the speakers, periodic events, etc.

9. Location 

Where you work is important for several reasons: 1) Image 2) Visibility 3) Distance to your customers, suppliers and/or partners 4) Amenities in the neighborhood. Coworking spaces are usually located in premium and/or trendy areas to facilitate all these. For example our coworking locations in Valencia are the heart of the city downtown and by the Marina and the Beach of Valencia; locations carefully chosen with good transport connections, vibrant neighbourhoods and street names well known. Rental prices are also higher, but in a coworking space this is a plus shared with more professionals and therefore more affordable than on a private basis.

10. Cost or Investment?

Working from home also has costs, which in a coworking you share: high speed wifi, in summer air conditioning or in winter heating, meeting rooms (if you have to go out and rent one, etc). But not, “sharing expenses” is not necessarily the case; a coworking space has a higher cost (monthly rate) than working from home, but it also brings high value benefits that improve efficiency, motivation, career opportunities, inspiration and a better work-life balance. The monthly fee at a coworking space is not a cost, but an investment.

We are sure that after reading this blog we have managed to change your mind, so now you only need one last step to find the coworking that best suits you and give it a try!

Do you live in Valencia and after reading the blog would you like to try a day of coworking in our space, Vortex coworking and check whether these 10 advantages work for you? Write us at Vortex Coworking Valencia, we are waiting for you!