Coworking vs Traditional office: 10 advantages

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Coworking vs Traditional office: 10 advantages

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The office real estate industry is changing at speed. Coworking spaces no longer are a transitory option between the initial stage of a start-up and its consolidation and corporate own office. In fact the trend is for large corporations to locate their subsidiaries and remote work teams in coworking spaces. Why? In this blog we will talk about the advantages of a coworking space versus a traditional private office:

1. Zero Initial Invesment

A traditional office requires an initial resources investment: renovations, facilities, furniture, equipment, etc. Not only financial, but also of time. If you decide to open your office in a coworking space you can start the day you need and without any initial investment but direct into your monthly fee.

2. Costs Control Management

Having your own office means taking care of the expenses related to the office, which vary from month to month and that will include unforeseen costs: electricity, water, internet, repairs, incidents, coffee, etc. Working from a coworking allows you not only to simplify this management in one single invoice and contract, but also to have complete certainty about the costs every month.

3. Flexibility in contract length

The rental contracts with the owners usually have a duration of several years, without any flexibility to the possible changes that may arise in the business: need of more m2, or reduction of the necessary space, change of location, etc. In a coworking this does not happen! You will be able to renew or cancel the contract with less time in advance (usually months) which allows to adapt to the real needs of the company.

4. Flexibility in space m²

Is your team growing or do you have intentions to grow? In that case the traditional offices are limited, whatever m2 the office is, it will be. Or in case your team is reduced or relocated, you can’t reduce the m2 of your private office. Coworking spaces offer the possibility to contract more work desks or more private rooms, to adapt to the number of employees.

5. Location

Finding an office that meets all the requirements you need in terms of size, budget, services, infrastructure is complicated. If you add to the list a good location, finding an office can become an impossible task or, at least, a long process. Coworking spaces are usually located in the most strategic areas of the city. For example our coworking locations in Valencia are the heart of the city downtown and by the Marina and the Beach; locations carefully chosen with good transport connections. Surely there is a coworking space in the area you need for your office!

6. Professional Synergies

Whether you are a company or self-employed, professional synergies and creating a professional network is very important. In traditional offices this is not normally possible within the office itself, as you always get surrounded by your own colleagues. On the contrary, in a coworking space you will have the opportunity to meet professionals from your own industry or not, which will promote new opportunities, connections and synergies in your work environment.

7. Community

In the case of small businesses in a traditional office, possibly the options to connect and socialize with your teammates are limited, you are only a few and always the same people. In a coworking space there are more opportunities, with many more coworkers from possibly different nationalities and with whom you do not have a direct work relationship which sometimes is good to unplug yourself or to ask for business advice.  If you think it’s good for your team to interact with people with different professional and personal backgrounds,  a coworking space is the perfect place.

8. Services 

Do you need meeting rooms, spaces for events or workshops, kitchen, or quiet places from which to make calls? In a traditional office, especially when it comes to a small team, you don’t have these services in your private office. However, a coworking normally does.

9. Office admin work

Managing an own office involves administrative and bureaucratic work that takes time away from your core business.  Utility contracts, invoices, mail, repairs, incidents, etc. In a coworking space you can dedicate all the resources that you have to the business, because the coworking spaces takes care of all of these.

10. Location flexibility

If you are a company with the possibility to expand and open new offices in another city or country, or if you work for projects, or if you ever need to relocate, many coworking businesses are a chain or have collaborations with coworking spaces and can facilitate the process.

Do you live in Valencia and after reading the blog you would like to try a daily pass at our space Vortex Coworking and experience if these 10 advantages are true? Contact us at Vortex Coworking we are looking forward to welcoming you!