Coworking vs Cafeteria with wifi: 10 advantages

Coworking vs Cafeteria with wifi: 10 advantages

Coworking vs Cafeteria with wifi: 10 advantages 650 433 Vortex Coworking
If you are freelance, or your company allows you to work remotely, you have four alternatives to work from: home, cafe with wifi, a traditional private office or from a coworking space. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In this post we will talk about the advantages of working in a coworking space versus a cafe with wifi:

1. Concentration

People talking loudly, coffee machine noise, scents, music that you can not control, doors opening and closing … patterns that if you have tried to work from a cafe with wifi you will know well. If what you need is to work with peace of mind, or at least have the option to do it, in a coworking space it is possible. You can distract yourself in the fun areas enabled for this whenever you feel like it, and concentrate in a quiet work area when you need to.

2. Community

In a cafe with wifi you will be surrounded by people, but … possibly every day is different people and you do not necessarily have anything in common. In a coworking space you surround yourself with familiar faces (and also some new ones) and possibly share, at least, professional interests and the desire to socialize with others. There is a feeling of community among coworking members, and it is this community the greatest added value of this new way of working. If you are one of those who need to take a break from time to time during the workday, share some ideas or problems in your business, connect with other professionals or make new  friends … coworking is your office.

3. Flexible schedule

Forget about adapting to a cafe opening and closing times and build your own work routine completely adapted to your lifestyle and your needs. Many coworking spaces offer 24/7 access with some of their plans (such is the case of Vortex Coworking) and thus adapts to the increasingly globalized work schedules. And because being a entrepreneur or freelance … does not have a fix schedule!

4. Professional networking

A coworking space will always offer you the possibility to connect with professionals who work in the same or different sector, and with it new opportunities for synergies. You can also train yourself and expand your contacts network simply by working from the space and by attending the events and workshops that coworking spaces usually organize or host.

5. Place to work guaranteed

Nobody guarantees that when you arrive at a cafe with wifi you will have a table from which to work, and in case you find a place, it will not always be the same, or it will not always be near the socket you need to plug the computer, or away from the door, etc. In a coworking space you will always have a spot equipped with all the comforts you need to work.

6. Safety and security

In a cafeteria every time you need to get up, even if it is 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, to order another coffee or go out for a smoke, you may want to take all your stuff with you and avoid risks. In a coworking space your belongings are safe, customers are registered, there is surveillance at the space sometimes with security cameras, and lockers or drawers available to lock your belongings. Also, if you have a fix membership, most spaces give you the option to leave your equipment and belongings at your spot from one day to another.

7. Food and drink

In most coworking spaces you can bring your own food and drinks. Some even offer free coffee, tea and water for members. This in a cafe with wifi is not possible (obviously) and makes the end of the day costing the same or more than a daily pass at a coworking space.

8. Equipment 

If you have worked in a cafe with wi-fi you will know the difficulty to find a table with a plug, comfortable chairs, wifi without interruptions … and carrying on your computer and accessories (and if one of them is a screen … crazy!) . A coworking space is designed to offer all these: plugs distributed in each workplace, ergonomic chairs, fast WIFI, locker, meeting rooms, ethernet option and possibility to leave your work equipment from one day to another.

9. Private spaces

If you work from a cafe with wifi, you will not have the possibility to have meeting rooms or silent spaces to meet clients, answer calls or hold a video conference. Coworking offers private spaces for this.

10. Virtual Office

Do you need to receive mail or packages? In a coworking space you have the possibility, and in case you are not on that day, they will keep it until you can pick it up. A business address for your company? Coworking spaces are often located in relevant areas and streets, and thus a professional image to your business.


Do you live in Valencia and after reading the blog you would like to try a daily pass at our coworking space and experience for yourself if these 10 advantages are true? Contact us at Vortex Coworking we are looking forward to welcoming you!