How to build up your network in Valencia

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How to build up your network in Valencia

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So, you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or remote worker in Valencia wondering how to build up a social and professional network? Or you are thinking about coming to Valencia but you don’t know how to meet new people once you are there? Fear not, we are here to come to your rescue! Vortex Coworking is one of the leading coworking communities in Valencia with members from all over the world who all had the same question, so let us give you some useful tips on how to meet new people so you can make your soft landing in beautiful and sunny Valencia. We will first share our tips on how to build a social network, we will focus on how to do this for your professional network on this blog.

1. Meetup

Meetup is a free app basically made for and by people who want to meet other people, wherever they are. Just enter you are in Valencia and based on your interests you can find groups of likeminded people to do all kinds of cool activities. Do you love yoga and would you like to try it in the lovely Turia park? There is a meetup for that. Volleyball on the Malvarrosa beach? Yep, meetup for that as well. Like to go for a drink and dance your socks off in one of the many Valencian bars? You’ve guested it, there is a meetup for that as well. Meetup even gives you the opportunity to create a meetup group yourself, making the options to meet new people almost limitless.

2. Facebook groups

If you think you are the only one having difficulties building up a (durable) social network in Valencia you are wrong! Every year, thousands of remote workers and expats are drawn to the beautiful weather, the city’s great infrastructure and the high quality of living of Spain’s third largest city. And, with such numbers, it is only logical that there are a few interesting online groups to help you not only with meeting new people but also to help you make a soft landing in Valencia. Popular groups for instance are the Internations expats in Valencia group and the Expats in Valencia group. These groups will also prove handy for things like housing, official stuff you need to take care of (like how to get your NIE ) or simple things like as to where to get your groceries.

3. Language exchange

Depending on how long you are planning to stay in Valencia for, but if you will be here for a few months or longer, why not take on a language course (insider tip: no time for a course? You can also use apps like Duolingo to learn some Spanish)? Once you’ve mastered the basics you can join language exchanges (called ‘intercambios’ in Spanish), which is a great way not only to meet fellow nomads or expats, but also to meet some Spanish people. After all, you’re in Spain, right? There are language exchanges being organised almost every day and they range from small and cosy ones in for instance Ubik café (in ‘hip and happening’ Russafa) to large and epic ones in one of Valencia’s most famous nightclubs L’Umbracle near the city of Arts and Science.

4. Do sports!

This is the obvious one, but if you love to do sports this is also one of the easiest ways to meet new – and likeminded – people. You can join clubs, whether it is football, tennis or athletics, or go to the gym, Valencia is truly littered with them. Also you will find many people practising sports like running, bodyweight training and yoga in the Turia park. And of course there is always the lovely Valencian beach with a lot of sports going on. So don’t be shy, just join and have fun!

5. Coworking

If you as a remote worker or freelancer are looking to meet new people not only for fun, but also for inspiration, synergy or you simply want to surround yourself with likeminded people who know what it’s like to live and work in a foreign city, then a coworking space might be something for you. Valencia offers a range of different types of coworking spaces ranging from small and cheap ones where you just rent a desk up to large and more community focused ones like Vortex Coworking, with two locations to choose from in Valencia: Colon, in Valencia city centre, and Cabanyal, by the beach and la Marina. We are one of Valencia’s largest coworking spaces and – in our opinion – the one with the strongest community. We want our members to be a part of something special. A family away from home, a group of friends, even if it’s for just a few months. We organize cool and fun stuff on a regular basis like afterwork drinks and dinners in one of the many cool restaurants in Cabanyal by Vortex Playa or Colón, Ruzafa or Carmen by Vortex Centro, do hiking trips in the beautiful mountains surrounding Valencia or do stuff like paintball, volleyball or surfing, to name just a few. Also we organize a range of professional events to gather and share knowledge and offer a platform for members who want to share their knowledge with others and also build a professional network in Valencia.

Keen to check out our community? You can get an impression on our social channels, check out some of our members or, and this is of course the best option, just come over and visit us for a free tour in any of our two locations, or both!

Valencia is a beautiful, vibrant and international oriented city with lots of people looking for the exact same as you. So go out and explore, you will make friends for life!