10 advantages of working in Valencia

10 advantages of working in Valencia

10 advantages of working in Valencia 650 433 Vortex Coworking

We believe that Valencia is the perfect city for professionals, entrepreneurs, business people and digital nomads from all over the world, that is why we decided to base Vortex Coworking in Valencia. Why? The city offers quality of life, typical Mediterranean: sea, beach, 300 sunny days a year and Mediterranean cuisine; a park along an old river bed that crosses the entire city, an affordable cost of living for both personal and professional living, history, art and culture. But above all, Valencia is taking off as a TechHub of national and international relevance and professional opportunities are increasing. Today we tell you what we consider the 10 main advantages of working in Valencia:

1. Cost of living

Valencia is the third most important city in Spain behind Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with a cost of life significantly lower than these (15-20% less depending on the study). It is even below that of other major cities such as Bilbao, Mallorca or San Sebastian. This not only translates into lower costs to live, but lower business costs such as salaries, offices or coworking, events, etc.

2. Well connected

Valencia is well connected to the rest of Spain and Europe, since it has an airport, railway, port in the Mediterranean Sea and a road network that connects Valencia with the main Spanish cities by highway. For Madrid and Barcelona is connected as follows: the high-speed train (AVE) connects Valencia and Madrid in 2 hours with trains running every hour; and Barcelona ​​with the EUROMED rail service, in little more than 3 hours. In 2019 the high speed AVE Valencia – Barcelona service is expected to be operational. In addition to train connection, Madrid and Barcelona can be reached by motorway or highway in 3 – 4 hours from Valencia.

According to the Airports Council International (ACI), the airport of Valencia was the fourth fastest growing European airport in 2017, offering more than 80 countries of destination.

The port of Valencia is the main port of Spain in container traffic, the first in the Mediterranean Sea and the fifth in Europe. It is a direct connection between the city and international foreign trade.

3. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The city has more than five hundred startups, 15 incubators and accelerators of importance at national and European level (Lanzadera, Plug&Play, Demium Startups, etc.), top-level business training schools (EDEM) and a large number of events on innovation and technology along the year.

The Marina de Valencia is positioning itself as the center of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, not only in Valencian but also in Spanish and Internationally. VIT Emprende presents the city as “VLC Tech city”.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, there is a good pool of local talent thanks to the high level of education of universities and schools. At the Polytechnic University of Valencia, companies such as Zeleros were originated; created by the founders of the UPV team winners of the international competition organized by the visionary Elon Musk for the design of the Hyperloop sponsored by SpaceX in 2015.

4. Good network of coworking spaces in Valencia

Currently we can find more than 60 coworking spaces in Valencia. Coworking space is the office of the future, they say. New cities need intelligent, collaborative and flexible spaces ready to house new business models and new ways of working. Spaces where to meet, organize events, locate your office based in Valencia. The construction of a community of professionals where synergies and opportunities arise increases the idea of ​​an important collaborative professional structure in the city.

5. Professional Events

Valencia hosts events from all sectors and especially (and in recent years) in technology and innovation; Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, SmartCities, etc.

Startup Sesame, the largest community of event organizers in Europe, has already decided to open the call for the fourth edition of its acceleration program from Valencia in the Startup Sesame Summit last March 2018.

Recently Valencia has submitted its candidacy to host the Web Summit from 2019 onwards, one of the major technological events in the world, focused in creating a better society from the economic and financial side to sustainability and well-being of the society.

6. Fantastic Weather

Valencia has a mild climate most of the time and enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year (which does not mean hot). There is winter season with skiing opportunities not far away; but winter is mild as the Mediterranean Sea softens the temperature; Spring and Autumn are said to offer the best tempertaures and Summers are hot, inviting you to enjoy the beach and the sea to refresh your days. This beautiful climate facilitates social and happy culture, outdoor sports … and better health.

7. Gastronomy for Foodies

The Mediterranean diet is well known worldwide, healthy and rich in natural products: olive oil, vegetables, fruit and fish. And, of course, the paella and other rice base dishes as the main actor. Known internationally as the traditional dish of Spain, paella was born in Valencia and is typical of this region. The Albufera of Valencia is the rice field of Spain, like Vietnam is of the world. But in addition Valencia also produces good wines in the area of ​​Utiel and Requena, and is the region for orange and lemons trees in the country.

8. Beach, Sea, Mountain

Living and working near the beach is full of benefits for physical and emotional well-being. Pure air, vitamin D and “Vitamin Sea”, natural light. The option of practicing sea sports any day of the year such as swimming, paddle surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, even surfing on some days of the year (yes, you read correctly!) … and we have mountains as well!

The city is flat, but driving inland it becomes one of the most mountainous regions of Spain; Naquera, Sierra de Calderona, Sierra de Espada, etc. For that reason in Valencia there is also strong culture for mountain sports, hiking and cycling both road and MTB.

9. Great balance of size, culture, arts and history

The city has an optimal size, without long distances to travel by car or traffic jams; the possibility of cycling for work, or around the different neighbourhoods, crossing the city cycling along the riverbed park, or even walking. Something that those of us who have lived in large cities appreciate as if it were gold.

Despite its manageable size, Valencia offers culture, art and history as (almost) any big capital; the Historic Center with architectural treasures on each corner such as La Lonja, El Mercado Central, Las Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart, etc; The City of Arts and Sciences, an avant-garde complex on the riverbed, which houses museums, operas, classical music concerts, festivals, and endless cultural, artistic and leisure offerings; and finally the Marina de Valencia, the new focus of development in Valencia, the TechHub and  Cultural center next to the sea. Vortex Coworking locations are strategically chosen to make the most of the city! Both by the beach and in the city center.

10. Public Transport

The city has metro, tram and buses that allow you to comfortably circulate throughout the city using public transport. To move around the city the bus is the most usual, and metro for longer distances being Marítima-Serrería the stop that brings the beach closer to the center; the tram is popular in the sea area and connects the different beaches, the universities and La Marina.

And finally, our favorite one: VALENBISI, a bicycle rental service with stops distributed throughout the city to take or leave the bike. The most sustainable vehicle of all, economic and healthy that, thanks to Valencia being a flat city ideal for cycling with a mild climate, it becomes an option to consider for every day. A luxury of those that do not cost money and that very few cities can offer.

We believe that few cities offer such a balanced combination of professional opportunities and quality of life, perfect for those with both professional and personal ambitions.

If the above sounds convincing enough to base yourself in Valencia in the near future, now it is time to find your perfect match as a coworking space to enhance your experience at not only landing in Valencia, but overall in your new life in Spain. Here you will find some reasons why Vortex could be the one.