10 restaurants around Vortex Coworking Centro in downtown Valencia

Restaurantes Centro Valencia

10 restaurants around Vortex Coworking Centro in downtown Valencia

10 restaurants around Vortex Coworking Centro in downtown Valencia 957 505 Vortex Coworking
Our space Vortex Coworking Centro is in the heart of Valencia , surrounded by the largest gastronomic and cultural offerings of the city; in Sorní street next to the Mercado Colón, Plaza Cánovas, near Carmen, Ruzafa and what is going to officially become the Chinatown of Valencia.

When you work in the centre of Valencia, it is very good to know the best places to go out to eat, afterwork or dinner, both for your day to day and for special occasions; because working from an equipped and inspiring coworking space is important. A community of coworkers with whom to connect and share too. But if it is also in a location with infinite possibilities for leisure and culture, the experience of going to work is unbeatable 😉

In this blog we have regrouped and organized the recommendations of our foodie coworkers. It is not easy since the possibilities in this area are endless: from traditional cuisine restaurants to creative and innovative; elegant and sophisticated or casual and informal cut; local cuisine or food from all the countries of the world. Here we present our top 10 restaurants all less than 10 minutes’ walk from our coworking space Vortex Centro:

1. Voltereta Bali and Voltereta Manhattan

The “place to be” in Valencia, only just three years old and the Voltereta brand can already boast about having three of the most successful venues in the city of Turia. Can we have the secret? They do not offer just a restaurant, but an entire experience. Showing a true devotion to their quality, demonstrated in the, preparation and presentation of their food and drink, in the imagination of their design and skill of their service. Each of its restaurants is inspired by a trip, and the two most successful, Bienvenido a Bali (Gran Vía del Marqués del Túria, 59) and Bienvenido a Manhattan (Calle de Isabel la Católica, 11), are both walking distance of our coworking space Vortex Centro.

Covering a diversity of atmospheres and clienteles, this restaurant ranges far and wide through the cuisines of the world catering both traditional and modern dishes.

The most popular dishes are: the truffled potato and onion omelette; the Iberian secret bao bread with Hoisin mayonnaise and Japanese chives; Japanese vegetable tempura; the Voltereta salad with mango, Valencian tomato and avocado; or the pork gyozas with teriyaki sauce. Of course, there are also vegetarian and vegan options too: Cauliflower wings, barbecue sauce and ranchero sauce; the Berlin burger served on homemade focaccia bread, veggie burger, caramelized onion mustard and guacamole; or the hummus with cane syrup, accompanied by sweet potato chips and pita bread.

A Must in Valencia. Well, x2

Bienvenido a Bali – Gran Vía del Marqués del Túria, 59
Bienvenido a Manhattan – Calle de Isabel la Católica, 11

2. Mercado Colón

The treasured meeting point in Valencia and our favourite place for afterwork on Fridays. And it’s just around the corner from one of our coworking space in the city center 🙂

Once a traditional market, today it houses flower stalls, cafes and restaurants. It has always been considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Valencia, so much so that it has been declared a National Monument.

The Mercado de Colón was designed by the architect Francisco Mora Berenguer at the beginning of the 20th century , so it is one of the most representative works of Valencian modernism, which recalls in some of its peculiarities the constructions of Gaudí for Barcelona.

Currently, the Mercado de Colón houses Habitual by Ricard Camarena , one of the restaurants of the great Valencian chef of reference (who holds two Michelin stars). But inside the Market, there is a lot more to discover:

  • Restaurants: Ma Khin Café, Momiji o Manglano
  • Cafeterias, horxaterías and breweries: Bocados Café, La Mie Dorée, Las Cervezas del Mercado, Mi Cub, Pantalán 5, Suc de Lluna y Vino y Flores, Casa de l’Orxata and Horchatería Daniel.
  • Gourmet food stores: Carnes Varea y Varea Burger, Charcuterías Manglano, Frutas y Verduras Fina, Martin & Mary Pescadería

3. Cervecería Aquarium

This tapas and cocktail bar is an institution in Valencia. With almost sixty years since opened and located on one of the busiest streets in town – Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 57 – it is one of the places of worship of the Valencian bourgeoisie, as well as the essential cradle of tapas of course.

Entering Aquarium, it seems that time has not passed, that the trade, service and attention have remained untouched throughout the years. The interior draws attention to the past using classic furniture and uniformed staff in the purest Monte Carlo style, with white blazer, black tie and white shirt. This place is always packed, with customers in every generation coming to dine together in perfect harmony.

This place was opened in 1957 and has remained intact, all with the same decor since the river flooding. But what very little know is that this bar has actually been open since the late 1930s since it was formerly the Gran Vía 55 Cinema bar and that behind one of the walls is still connected to the famous cinema.

Good product, cocktails made the way they should be made, without frills or decorations, as indicated in the manual: tomato dumplings, cod, great assortment of sandwiches and a great variety of drinks are some of the keys to success of this traditional and endearing place. It is, without a doubt, a place where you can savour the classic cocktails (Martini Dry, Gin-Fizz, Jaramillo, Negroni); one of the Aquarium’s best-kept treasures is its Aurora Borealis, a whiskey-based cocktail, vanilla ice cream and iced coffee.

Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 57

4. La Raspa – Trovador – El Timbre Bar and Grill

Here are our favourites for daily lunch, set menu, afterwork or casual tapas.

La Raspa is a cozy tavern with a terrace, a brilliant selection of wines and a menu of tapas and local portions. Perfect for a snack with a good wine when leaving work.

They opened in the neighbourhood after the first confinement and have already expanded space because when something is good … we want more.

Calle Cirilo Amorós 82, next to Fraula and Valear.

Trovador is a lifelong bar that also caters for breakfasts, lunches, sandwiches, a set menu and a half menu. Although it is small, and does not have a terrace, it is always full. Their secret? Excellent service and family treatment. If you go once and come back in 3 months … they will quite possibly remember your name and even your last order.

Calle Conde de Salvatierra, 34.

El Timbre Bar y Parrilla in Plaza Cánovas with a terrace in the sun, tapas and raciones, lunches and delicious “almuerzos” (very top-class bread).

Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 12

5. Ostras Pedrín and OstrasBar

Are you a lover of oysters, sea urchins and other fresh seafood?

Do you have a seafood carving or a chic moment with oyster & cava crave?

In Valencia there are two well established restaurants to enjoy the best oysters: Ostras Pedrín in calle Bonaire 23 and Ostras Bar in calle Serrano Morales 3 in Plaza Cánovas. Both a 5 minutes’ walk from Vortex Centro (in opposite directions).

Ostras Bar are oyster producers and professionals from the fishing industry; they know first-hand about the fresh product they serve. Fancy something special and unique? Oyster and Bloody Mary Cocktail;)

Ostras Pedrín was originally a traditional bar. They now offer a varied selection of oysters , salted fish, gourmet preserves and salads that you can combine with a specific list of wines and cavas.

Ostras Pedrín – Calle Bonaire, 23
Ostras Bar – Calle Serrano Morales, 3

6. La Fondue

The best Fondue in Valencia they say, this restaurant is our favourite French corner in the neighbourhood. Cozy and elegant, an overall great spot to enjoy a pleasant dinner as a couple, with friends or with colleagues.

Specialized in Bourguignone and Savoyarde Fondues for 30 years, the kitchen specializes in pâtés, cheeses, smoked meats and meats, highlighting the meat (Bourguignone) and cheese (Savoyarde) fondues.

Calle Serrano Morales, 9

7. La Firma

An elegant restaurant with traditional Valencian, Leonese and Asturian food. The Firm has 3 areas: an Andalusian-style interior patio where you can enjoy a pleasant evening, a dining room, and finally a “Bar”, the area where you can have a few wines or beers accompanied by some tapas. And an excellent wine list for all tastes.

Valencian cuisine: Paellas and rice. Leonese cuisine: from north-western Spain, with the best meats in the area, such as entrecote and the aged cows; roasts, “cochinillo” and Leonese stew. Asturian cuisine: from the north, where you can taste an Asturian Fabada or Clams Fabada. And a wine to pair all according to each palate.

C/ Gravador Esteve, 38

8. MercatBar

MercatBar is Quique Dacosta’s first restaurant in Valencia; a GastroBar with the option of a bar, table or terrace. First-class cuisine at affordable prices and a casual cut. Dishes and tapas of the world, interpreted with great respect and incorporating local products, such as cheek kebab with kimchi mayonnaise, Beijing-style pig’s trotters or lemon fish ceviche.
Quique Dacosta and Ricard Camarena are currently the most successful Valencian chefs of and ambassadors of Valencian and Spanish gastronomy abroad. Quique Dacosta’s restaurant in Denia is awarded 3 Michelin stars and has been considered as one of the best restaurants in Europe. Other of his restaurants near our coworking space are Vuelve Carolina and La Llisa Negra.

Calle Joaquín Costa, 27

9. Pelayo GastroTrinquet and Vaqueta GastroMercat

Both from the Gastro Trinquet Group, el Pelayo is an unexpected place: in the heart of the city of València, on Pelayo street where Valencia’s Chinatown begins, a beautiful restaurant with a traditional cuisine proposal with signature touches.

“El trinquete de Pelayo” is also known as “La Catedral”. It is one of the most renowned Valencian “Trinquet”, where they host the finals of a major competition of one of the most traditional sports in the Mediterranean and you can watch play live: the “Valencian pilota”.

Just as the symbol of the Trinquet de Pelayo: the huge pilotari hand, the most representative element of Vaqueta is the KOI, a large sculptural lamp, which is shaped like a marine creature. In Vaqueta, the local productos coexists with the sushi, the wine list alternates with the cocktails and the local products form the basis for experimenting with trends.

La pilota, that singular and cultural sport that unites Valencians, is still present in this second project of the Gastrotrinquet Group: the name Vaqueta refers to one of the balls used to play, woven with cowhide skin, and also to a native snail breed.

Pelayo – Calle de Pelayo, 6
Vaqueta – Calle Sant Ferran, 22

10. Lambrusquería

Craving for an Italian? We present you the most authentic Italian in Valencia. Not only for the food but also for the atmosphere. The Lambrusquería is inspired by the old Italian ornamentation; the dim lighting, the candle lit setting, the intimate atmosphere and traditional recipes will take you to the most beautiful corners of Italy. And with a menu option of the day.

Lambrusquería has several locations, our favourite is on calle Conde Altea 31 with a menu that serves excellent pastas. The location on Calle Císcar specializes in pizzas.

Calle Conde Altea, 31

Last but not least, we will add to the list of MUST GO TO’s some options with restaurants from the Far East; with most of the options and very close to Vortex Coworking Centro:

  • Japanese of various atmospheres and styles throughout the city in this blog
  • Valencia’s Chinatown where you can try authentic Chinese food, Hot Pot and Ramen.

There are still a thousand more places to discover, but we’ll leave that to you. If you think something is missing or you have discovered something unique, do not hesitate to leave your comment and update us. We love finding new places!!

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