Everyday essentials at Vortex Coworking Playa

Everyday essentials at Vortex Coworking Playa

Everyday essentials at Vortex Coworking Playa 650 433 Vortex Coworking

If you’ve just joined our coworking space at Cabanyal Vortex Playa don´t miss this post about our neighborhood essentials to fully enjoy your day-to-day at the office:

Let’s get into it!!

10 Must-visit coffees in the Cabanyal area: 

  1. Cafetéate: speciality Tea and Coffee are served from all over the world; to taste on site and also available to purchase.  They can be found within the traditional Cabanyal Market and it’s our best kept secret. We recommend the Cappuccino con chocolate
  2. Rincon del Grao: daily menu, good vibes and this can all be enjoyed under a sunny welcoming terrace.
  3. Mikengo: serving specialty coffees, homemade biscuits, and lemonade. 
  4. Tallat: the most popular specialty coffee within the expat community. 
  5. Calma Beach: serving coffee and brunch with an international menu along with a spacious terrace to enjoy.
  6. Café de Camilo: serving coffee, malt, tea, and chicory, a regular spot for Vortex coworkers on our daily coffee break.
  7. Los Olivares: for churros and buñuelos lovers, perfect for both breakfast or an afternoon snack (aka merienda). 
  8. Kaide: specialty coffee, pastries, and brunch made with attention to detail.
  9. Artysana:  a coffee and brunch spot with various vegan options, decorated by local artists.
  10. Café al Forn y Cafetería Sueños: local cafes that serve traditional Valencian breakfast, a variety of pastries and fresh orange juice, both located on Barraca Street near Vortex Playa.

Where to eat for €10 (ish) near our workspace:

  1. Ca Rakel: famous for almuerzo, the giant Valecian-style sandwiches eaten at around 11h-ish. Their cremaet has won the hearts of many in the Vortex Community. 
  2. Rinconcillo:  a small family-owned Italian restaurant consisting of a daily pasta or risotto menu and a spacious, chilled, sunny terrace.
  3. Festinar: as they define themselves, ‘Pizza, culture, and neighborhood’—what else is needed?
  4. Mikengo: assorted salads to taste and great vegan options,  along  JJ Dominé street. 
  5. Kabanyal : traditional local cuisine with a modern touch and local products. The average price is between 15 – 20€.
  6. Al Dente: a journey to Italy, possibly one of the best Italian restaurants in Valencia. The average price is between 15 – 20€.
  7. Several places along JJ Domine Street offer a daily menu, for example, Rincón del Grao, Café Pitti, etc.

Homemade takeaway food near Vortex Playa:

Either to eat in the sun at the Marina of Valencia or to bring to the office:

  1. Ca La laia: possibly the favorite amongst our members due to its proximity to the coworking space (across the street) with hearty and varied portions of Mediterranean food. You can also dine in.
  2. L’Arroset: specializes in rice dishes, including different varieties than the typical ones, along with many other Valencian dishes, among which we highlight the gazpacho manchego.
  3. El Mosset del Cabanyal: healthy, diverse salads and desserts, many of which are vegetarian and vegan.
  4. La Barraca: specializes in paella, rice, and fideuá. We recommend calling before 12 PM to reserve your order because the food goes quickly.
  5. Mercadona: has its ready-to-eat homemade food section (C/ Vicente Brull 81).

Supermarkets near the coworking space:

  • Next to the office, we have SUMA (Calle Reina 16).
  • Coaliment supermarket is also very close (Calle Reina 53).
  • Cabanyal Market, a traditional Valencian market where you can find quality fresh and specialty products. It’s best to spend some time there and enjoy the experience.
  • Grau Market has recently reopened its doors.
  • Ecorganic is the first large supermarket in Cabanyal specializing in organic products (Avenida Serrería 16).
  • Mercadona supermarket, close to our coworking space (Calle Vicente Brull).

Office supplies and photocopying services in Cabanyal:

  1. Papeleria Folder is across the street from Vortex Playa, there’s also another location close to  Vortex Centro
  2. Reprografía La Marina, offers professional printing, signage and merchandising services located across from Vortex Playa

Activities around our coworking space:

  1. Running: connect with fellow coworking members and join the beachfront running sessions at sunrise. There’s no better way to start the day.
  2. Surfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) at the marina: our beloved SUPLife offers classes and equipment if needed. It’s one of the perks of working in a coworking space near the beach and La Marina de Valencia.
  3. Beach Volleyball: on the beach, you’ll find the BeachVolley Valencia school, as well as BeachBol. If you already have a group and equipment, you can organize a match with Vortex coworkers in that area or in Patacona where there are poles available for use.
  4. Beach tennis: more sports options in the sand! If you’re interested, we have several coworkers who are enthusiasts and would be happy to tell you more. Additionally, there’s the Beach Tennis Club for more information and classes.
  5. Padel: possibly the most popular sport in our community, in Valencia, in Spain, and now trending worldwide. We often go to the courts at Samaranch, Beteró, and the Tennis Federation at Dr. LLuch.
  6. Gym: the closest and most popular gyms in our community are SUMA Patacona (there is another SUMA location by our workspace in the city center) and Samaranch.

Finally, a bit about us and why our know-how is worth reading: Vortex Coworking’s first location in Valencia was here, in Cabanyal, opening in January 2018. Back then, the neighborhood was very different, and we were the only coworking space in the area—an entirely new and unique business idea for the locals.  From then until now, Cabanyal has become a neighborhood of international fame, and we have proudly witnessed the growth and success of our neighboring small businesses—both the longstanding ones and the new ones. That’s why we are thrilled to share this blog with the experiences and insights gathered over all these years.

Now, if you want to know more about restaurants, bars, and beach clubs in our neighborhood, and recreational activities, you can continue reading our leisure blog: Essentials to enjoy Cabanyal

Not a member of Vortex yet? If you think you’d like to be, don’t be shy and come see us. You can book a tour to explore our spaces, sign up directly on our website for one of our plans, or reserve a daily pass and come experience it for yourself.

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