Essentials to enjoy Cabanyal

If you have just joined our coworking space Vortex Playa, Cabanyal and you already know the essential tips and tricks for enjoying everyday life in our workspace,  the time has now come to get to know our favorite places when it is time for FUN.

Let’s get into it!!

10 restaurants for a casual lunch or dinner in Cabanyal:

  1. Bodega Anyora: a timeless bodega offering timeless dishes with a modern twist. Good wine, good food and a real gem for offal lovers.
  2. La Otra Parte:conveniently located close to the beach, you can enjoy some tapas in the shade of the palm trees. A fun and charming place with occasional flamenco nights.
  3. Malafama: although the Pintxos* selection is their dinner specialty, in the daytime they have a lunch menu that normally includes a vegan option.*(finger food originating from the Basque Country usually served on small pieces of bread).
  4. Fumiferro: a grill-restaurant ideal for meat lovers, with a laid-back, urban atmosphere. Together with Cienfuegos, they serve the best steaks in the neighborhood.
  5. Mar de Amura: one of the most authentic local spots.
  6. Lindala Bar: Spanish food with a creative touch resulting in delicious fusion cuisine; the inside patio is a charming oasis.
  7. Mestiza: this plant-based restaurant offers one of the most extensive vegetarian and vegan menus in the area.
  8. Bikini Cabanyal:located near the beach with a laid-back atmosphere, their pastrami sandwich is something else!
  9. Madre: Mexican cuisine and cocktails with a  beautifully decorated interior and an even better atmosphere.
  10. Vegan Sweet Marine: this restaurant has an extensive menu of homemade vegan tapas.

5 iconic and elegant restaurants in Cabanyal and the Marina:

  1.  Casa Carmela: having been in the business for over a century, they serve some of the best rice dishes in Valencia, cooked over wood fire.
  2. Panorama: Mediterranean cuisine with the best sea views in Valencia.
  3. La Aduana: Mediterranean food made with fresh products brought directly from the fish market.
  4.  Sastrería: an old Tailor converted into a restaurant that pays homage to the ancient fishing district of Cabanyal.
  5.  Casa Montaña, your typical bodega (winery) that’s been open in Cabanyal since 1836, and Casa Guillermo which is famous for its anchovies since 1957, both a short walk from our coworking space in Cabanyal.

10 fun places for an afterwork close to our office Vortex Playa:

  1. La Fábrica de Hielo: located about a 15-minute walk from the coworking space, it offers a varied monthly agenda with concerts and cultural activities.
  2. Mercabanyalan outdoor food market offering a variety of street food options.
  3. Mercader: a stylish boutique gastro-market.
  4. Festinar: serves pizza and homemade vermouth with jazz concerts on Thursdays.
  5. Batisfera: a bookshop bar with exhibitions, craft beers, wines, and snacks.
  6. El Clavo: located in the Grao area with a casual atmosphere, small bites and tapas.
  7. La Peseta: vermouth, tapas, tortillas (Spanish omelets), and a dish originating from  Vilafamés, ‘arroz en calabaza’ (a rice dish served in a pumpkin!).
  8. El Viento: very close by, perfect for grabbing a beer, tapas and even carrying on into the night! The menu features classic food with a creative and original twist.
  9. El Ultramarinos, located across from El Viento offers good wine and cold bites.
  10. Malafama: a pintxos bar (little bites to eat)  that serves wine and beers with a terrace and a great atmosphere.

5 clubs to dance and a good night out:

  1. Marina Beach Club: featuring sessions from the best international DJs, with restaurants and a pool.
  2. Fábrica de Hielo: with many live concerts.
  3. Marino Jazz: live music and a bohemian atmosphere.
  4. Barberíaa small club that plays mainstream music and parties into the night.
  5. Botadura: a cozy cocktail bar.

Do you like salsa? In Valencia we recommend  Azúcar, Johnny Maracas, and Akuarela. These venues are not necessarily in Cabanyal but are very popular not only within our Vortex community but throughout Valencia.

Chiringuitos you must try:

Our year-round favorites are Aloha (La Marina), Faro del Sur (La Marina Sur), and La Barraquita at the Club Náutico de Valencia. In the summer our favorites are 314 and El Ocho on Patacona Beach, and BeachBol on Malvarrosa Beach.

Activities and sports near our coworking space:

It’s important to incorporate sports into our daily routine, so we have provided more details about this in our blog: The Essentials of Everyday Life at Vortex Coworking Playa, Cabanyal.

Finally, a bit about us and why our know-how is worth reading: Vortex Coworking’s first location in Valencia was here, in Cabanyal, opening in January 2018. Back then, the neighborhood was very different, and we were the only coworking space in the area—a unique and fascinating idea for the locals.  From then until now, Cabanyal has become a neighborhood of international fame, and we have proudly witnessed the growth and success of our neighboring small businesses—both the longstanding ones and the new ones. That’s why we are thrilled to share this blog with the experiences and insights gathered over all these years.

We hope you’ve found everything you need here to fully enjoy and experience Cabanyal and all it has to offer. If you want more recommendations on how to enjoy daily life in the neighborhood, such as good cafes, takeaway food, etc., you’ll find it all in our blog The essentials of everyday life at Vortex Coworking Playa.

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Bienvenido a Vortex! ✌️