About El Cabanyal

Coworker basic survival guide to Valencia’s Marina and Cabanyal

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Do you work in El Cabanyal or La Marina de Valencia? In this blog we tell you what you need to know to make your working day in the area…

10 reasons to live or work in El Cabanyal

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(photo credit to @maryconcyincucina) The location of your office or your company is a key decision for the positioning and performance of any project, even with the entry of new technologies,…

10 advantages of working in Valencia

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We believe that Valencia is the perfect city for professionals, entrepreneurs, business people and digital nomads from all over the world, that is why we decided to base Vortex Coworking…

10 places to eat in the beach of Valencia

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We are very lucky in Vortex Coworking to be located in El Cabanyal, a trendy neighbourhood in Valencia. But not only that, we are also a few steps from the…

10 restaurants to eat in El Cabanyal

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Do you want to know what, for us, are the best options to eat, have lunch or go for a drink in El Cabanyal? The culinary offer seems to be…

6 key dates in El Cabanyal

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(picture by: @areamaritina) An extravagant neighborhood, a neighborhood founded by fishermen, a neighborhood near the sea, a neighborhood of neighbors, a thousand different things to do … in short, a unique…