Advantages of sports in the morning

Advantages of sports in the morning

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We are all aware of the advantages of practicing some sport, even at the amateur level. But when it comes time to prepare our calendar of activities, we always have doubts about which time of day is most appropriate.

At Vortex Coworking we have the pleasure of having a very athletic community, performing multiple activities at different times, although it is the morning exercise that wins the battle of schedules, being functional training and running the main activities carried out.

Today we want to know what are the advantages of training at the beginning of the day and these are the conclusions that we have obtained, after conducting a theoretical study and, of course, asking the members of our community.

Activates metabolism

After an extended period of rest, while we sleep, the body is put into “energy-saving” mode. Performing some physical activity after getting up causes the body to activate and speed up the “fat burning” process.

It regulates appetite.

Our body works regularly based on the habits we define. Starting the day exercising at the same time causes our body to activate at a certain time each day, facilitating the activation of the endocrine system.
In addition, we can add the different studies that indicate that performing exercise reduces the feeling of hunger during the rest of the day.

Increases happiness

During physical exercise, your body releases endorphins, known as happiness hormones, which translates into better mood, you feel like you’re doing something important from the first moment and that makes you feel better.

Increases chance of working out again

If we plan the exercise before the working day we will have few excuses for not being able to do it, more than our laziness. However, in the middle of the day or in the afternoon we may emerge more unforeseen than they can throw our organization by means. With this, you become more constant and you manage to exercise assiduously.

Helps you be more productive

Sport activates the organism and all the senses. With this, the brain begins to function at full capacity, achieving better results, even in the early hours of the day, which, for some people, may be the most critical. It is common to feel the need for caffeine or had to be able to perform to the maximum, effect that the sport achieves naturally.

In addition, after completing the sporting activity, you have the feeling of having successfully completed one of the main tasks of the day, having more time for the rest of the tasks and, therefore, increasing your productivity.

As we have seen, exercising in the morning is totally recommended, especially for those demanding people in their life and work. Of course, if you want to join Vortex Playa or Vortex Centro, we will be happy to count on you in our activities.