Valencia City of Running, Vortex running space

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Valencia City of Running, Vortex running space

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The word Running has become so fashionable here in Spain that Spanish people no longer use their own language for this sports activity. And we, as humans, have run since our origins, almost by natural instinct to achieve our goals. At the beginning of time we would run for our food, then for military reasons (see the famous case of Marathon) and finally, for pleasure. Therefore, we could say that running is almost a representation of human evolution, a luxury that we have and that we should know how to appreciate.


In Valencia, we are especially fortunate to have all the necessary factors to enjoy this magnificent activity. We are lucky to have a mild climate with a good temperature all year round and with little rainfall. The city is almost flat and most importantly with incredible spaces to carry out this activity, such as the Turia park, which is greatest exponent of the brand “Valencia city of running” and two other exceptional areas, but less busy, are at the port and the beach of Valencia.


In Vortex Coworking, we love the port and beach of Valencia and we love sports. For this reason, we have created a running group at the port which enjoys training every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, suitable for all audiences. This helps us charge the batteries to be more productive during the rest of the day. At 08:15 we start, divided into groups by levels and each with its objectives. At 08:50 we finish with a good shower in our coworking space and with the body and mind active, throw ourselves into our day. Don’t you think it’s a perfect plan?


If you like to run in particular or practice any activity in general, the recommendation is that you work to improve. Always competing against yourself but never against others who perhaps are at another level. It is important to know at what point you are and define SMART, attainable and realistic objectives that you can control and above all, that motivate you to continue enjoying each day.


Our first goal on September 28 is to complete each at your own pace, the I City of Valencia Race for the request of a world day for the awareness of ADHD to the WHO of 10km, while helping a social cause.


Our second goal is the Valencia’s Half Marathon which takes place on October 27th and Valencia’s Marathon will take place on December 1, of which both have now sold out. 


At Vortex Coworking we always welcome people who share our passions, so if you also want to enjoy physical activity that you want to improve and be more productive every day, you are very welcome.


Let’s run with V.