Shootings in Valencia, best spaces and locations

Shootings in Valencia, best spaces and locations

Shootings in Valencia, best spaces and locations 650 433 Vortex Coworking

Are you looking to do a professional photoshoot for your company but you’re struggling to find the right location for it? Maybe you’re looking for more of a professional environment to build up on your photo report, or planning a photo session/corporate video about your company in more modern and equipped offices, or do you simply just want a shoot in Valencia? Here at Vortex, we have everything you need in our spaces: Two unique spaces, each with its own style: modern, spacious, flexible and with ALL the natural light you could possibly ask for.Still can’t decide whether a coworking space is the place for your company? Well, we can tell you that Uber Eats recorded an international Ad using our spaces to present their Food Delivery service to other companies; Informe semanal needed a coworking space for their national report on telecommuting during the pandemic and chose Vortex Playa; The balconies of our space in Sorní appear in an ad for the Valencia Marathon; and these are just a few of the companies who have chosen our space to book: presentations, professional photoshoots, company websites, etc.

Not only are our spaces special; the location of both spaces is truly built on key grounds. (Centro in heart of the city and Playa by the beach) making them the perfect location for any photoshoots in the spaces, as well as around the area. For example; Just steps from Vortex Centro we have the Mercado Colón, Puente de las Flores, the Puente Real, the River, the Puerta del Mar, and an infinity of historic and stately buildings; In Vortex Playa you are just a few steps from the Marina of Valencia, Los Tinglados, the Veles e Vents building and the beach of Valencia. So, depending on your preference, each location is ideal and surrounded by so much for you not to love!

In our locations we have:

  • Flexibility to shoot during the week, and the weekend (depending on availability).
  • Natural lighting in all our offices/coworking spaces and is customizable.
  • Common areas: meeting rooms, office area, terrace, etc.

Vortex Coworking Centro Space:

  • Location: Calle Sorní, next to Calle Colón, Mercado Colón, Puente de Las Flores, Puente del Real, and close to the North Station of Valencia.
  • Style: Cozy, elegant, stylish, classic of Valencian architecture in a modernist building from the 1900’s. Nolla mosaic floors and ceilings with original moldings.
  • Space distribution: Open-plan work areas, private offices, individual offices, meeting rooms, modern office kitchen, terrace, etc.
  • To highlight: Nolla mosaic floors, balconies facing Sorní street, natural light in all rooms, façade and wooden gate from the 1900’s.

Vortex Coworking Playa Space:

  • Location: Marina de Valencia, Puerto, Cabanyal, Patacona, Malvarrosa.
  • Style: Industrial-style space, exposed brick, exposed beams adding a hipster touch.
  • Space distribution: Open-plan work areas, individual offices, meeting rooms, modern kitchen, patio with greenery.
  • Highlights: 6m high ceilings with wooden beams, spaciousness, exposed brick.

Are you interested in booking our spaces? Drop us an email and we will schedule a visit to clarify any questions and specify the details.