We are Famous!

We are Famous!

We are Famous! 1510 878 Sandra Mayoral
This January we celebrate 4 years, and what four years!!In January 2018 we opened our first space, Vortex Playa in Cabanyal (Valencia) and it was a year of hard work. We created from scratch a olid, interesting and welcoming community. We celebrate 3 art exhibitions with Bay Backer, meetings with Internations, Networking Events for Business Owners, and much more. And we put all our enthusiasm, affection and effort into each step. In January 2019 we did a first birthday celebration in style (which lasted till sunrise!) and from then on the first recognitions began to arrive:

  • First Prize Woman Entrepreneur 2019 for Cristina Trilles, founder of Vortex Coworking, for promoting the creation of business and female self-employment with Vortex Coworking.
  • Acknowledgments as one of the best coworking spaces in Valencia by most of the specialists in the coworking and expats scene:
    • Coworker, one of the main space search platforms, positions us in its article “Coworking in Valencia — The 5 best Coworking Spaces ”  with our Vortex Playa workspace located in “the trendy neighborhood, El Cabanyal”; back then, Vortex Centro had not yet been born.
    • Valencia Für Deutsche, the website aimed at German expats living in Valencia with useful tips and recommendations for life in the city, included Vortex Playa as number one in its report on the best coworking spaces in Valencia.
    • Coworking Booking, an international coworking space search platform, chooses Vortex Coworking as the main coworking space in the city of Valencia in its article“The best coworking spaces in Spain”.
    • According to Ohla Creative, in its “List of the 10 best coworking spaces in Valencia”, Vortex Coworking is positioned as outstanding. 
  • We receive more and more requests from cool companies, like when UberEats hired us the space for the recording of an international ads for office food delivery. 

Two years after opening our first Vortex Playa space, we opened our second coworking in the city center of Valencia, next to the Mercado Colón: Vortex Centro, in Calle Sorní. And the recognitions began to cross borders, #WeAreFamous!!

  • Listed as “The 100 Best Coworking Spaces In Europe”: the well-known Ridestore magazine writes an article with the 100 best coworking spaces in Europe and, voilà! Vortex Coworking is listed as the best space in the city of Valencia.
  • Global Startup Awards – South Europe: in this event that recognizes, celebrates and connects the European entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we were nominated finalists in the category of “Best Coworking Space 2020”
  • Informe Semanal: TVE’s most veteran news program analyzes in this report how the pandemic has changed the way we work. And the concept of coworking was discussed in a recording from a coworking space in Spain. Guess which one?
  • Awards for Social and Urban Innovation in Valencia Special Mention in 2020 as an ‘Innovation project for a sustainable city’ for Vortex Coworking for the various sustainable and ecological initiatives that are being promoted in our coworking spaces.

In 2021 and despite two complicated years with the pandemic, we managed to consolidate the two coworking spaces and a united community. We continue day by day with all our effort and enthusiasm to continue growing while consolidating the present. And so, organically, the awards keep coming.

  • Plaza Radio: On the radio! Plaza Radio, the station focused on the social, political and sports news of Valencia. We sat down with Marina to talk about the pandemic and remote work.
  • Newspaper El País In press! The newspaper El País dedicates an article to the impact of the pandemic on remote work and how this can open new doors for coworking, choosing Vortex Coworking as its cover image.
  • Our best recognition, that of our community and clients on GoogleMaps: more than+ 150 reviews in each of our coworking spaces with the best score in all of Valencia! 

Much more remains to be done, but for today we cannot be happier and prouder of what we’ve achieved, the community we have created around us and of all the dreams that remain to be fulfilled together.

We are Famous!