Things I need to know when joining a coworking in Gran Via

Things I need to know when joining a coworking in Gran Via

Things I need to know when joining a coworking in Gran Via 650 418 Vortex Coworking
Do you live in Valencia and you work from a coworking space in Gran Via, Plan del Remei or Colon? Did you just joined Vortex Centro in Sorni street and you are not familiar with the neighbourhood yet? In this blog you will read everything you need to know for you daily office routine:

5 Places to grab a coffee:

  1. Bar Nodo en Sorní; open from 7am. A traditional bar, with traditional prices. Coffee and toast for  breakfast, lunch menu and afterwork beers with a corner terrace.
  2. Casaní Horno-Pastelería at Jorge Juan street. Traditional bakery, with high table for a quick coffee on stall, open from 7:30 a.m. Ideal for quick coffee before going to work.
  3. Ilha Do Mel Pastelería y Cafetería,newcomer to calle Sorní 15 (formerly Luxor) it opens from 8 am. They have a terrace and in addition the inside is very spacious (ideal for a big group). Across the street of our coworking space a bit further towards the river.
  4. La Petite Brioche en Sorní, cozy and chic with beautiful details both at the space and in the food. They have breakfast, juices, healthy options, spectacular brunches, crepes, quiches and fresh oven pastries.
  5. La Mas Bonita at Conde Salvatierra, most well known by its sister in Patacona.

5 Places for almuerzo break in the morning:

  1. El Timbre at  Plaza Cánovas,  sandwiches, tapas and daily menu.
  2. Mantequería Vicente Ferrero at Sorní: gourmet grocery store with a couple of barrels outside where you can have a glass of wine with a tapas of the products sold at the store. Pre-lunch is good option, but popping in for a glass of wine afterwork even better.
  3. Aquarium en Gran Vía, another iconic spot in Valencia. A place where time doesn’t seem to affect. Waiters wearing bow tie and a very special atmosphere on the terrace; good cocktails in a basic traditional glasses and good montaditos.
  4. La Petite Brioche for a bit more fancy break.
  5. Bar Nodo once more.

5 Places with €10ish daily menus:

  1. Once at Conde Salvatierra is the closest restaurant with a menu (and take away). We can even see it from our windows.
  2. BeGreen, the vegan and sustainable option in  Plaza de la Mar.
  3. Mercado Colón with multiple options
  4. Voltereta en Gran Via is a more fancy but cozy option
  5. Bar Nodo once more

5 Places for take away:

  1. Casaní Horno-Pastelería: every day they are a couple of homemade options to take away (lasagna, stuffed peppers, baked rice) and daily salad; around € 3-5 per portion.
  2. La Cuina: at the exit of the Colon Metro Station, entering Perez Bayer street: infinite take away options of traditional food; rice, fideua, salads, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. Around € 3-5 per portion (also possible to order by phone).
  3. Kento: japanese take away next to La Cuina
  4. SaladPlanet: the healthiest option, in Romagosa street; many options of salads, juices and pokes. Around € 8
  5. Consum en Conde Salvatierra to 2′ from our coworking space; in addition to precooked dishes, you can buy the ingredients to make your own salad or sandwich and prepare it in our kitchenette.

5 Hip restaurants for afterwork and snacks in our area:

  1. Mercado Colon with a thousand options; our favorite at the entrance from Conde Salvatierra
  2. El Raspa in Cirilio Amorós, chic and cozy place for a glass of wine with a tapa just around the corner.
  3. Al Tun Tun It is located where Sorní street joins the river; nice terrace and location.
  4. Palau Alameda: great for rootop tardeos
  5. Ostras Pedrin: a classic in Valencia por oysters and picoteo

5 Restaurants for having lunch or dinner in special ocations:  

  1. Al Tun Tun 
  2. Palau Alameda 
  3. Voltereta 
  4. Helen Berger 
  5. El Trinquet de Pelayo 

5 Vegetarian restaurants:

  1. SaladPlanet
  2. BeGreen 
  3. Jardin Urbano 
  4. Mako Healthy Bar
  5. Restaurante Copenhagen

5 International restaurants for dinner: 

  1. Mexican: Ameyal Alta Cocina Mejicana
  2. French: Fondue, elegant restaurant in calle Morales Serrano
  3. Asian: Aoyama, they have sushi, ramen, teppanyaki, etc.
  4. Italian: La Lambrusqueria, cozy and great authentic italian food.
  5. Korean La Taula de Yoon at Ruzafa

5 Popular activities:

  1. Running: connect with the members at the coworking space and join them for a run in the river at noon or in the evening. We have a shower in the space to make it easier for you.
  2. Padel: join the padel games organized in the community at EnjoySamaranch.
  3. Massages: we have a real hiddengem: Tui Na Chiromassage Center, full recovery.
  4. MoralesBox: the first boxing boutique in Spain is just around the corner from Vortex Centro, in Calle Serrano Morales
  5. Raquel Boti Pilates Estudio, pilates with machines in Serrano Morales street.


  1. Supermarkets close to our coworking space: Consum just around the corner at Conde Salvatierra
  2. Stationery, Photocopies and Office Supplies: Papelería Folder at calle de La Paz with special prices for our community members.
  3. Pharmacy: in Sorní street a few steps from Vortex.
  4. Barber shop for boys: Barbería Shop for gentlemen in Conde Salvatierra.
  5. Hairdressing and alike: in this neighbourhood there are thousands of options for hairdressers, eyelashes, manicures, etc. It is so personal that we are unsure what to recommend it, but go ahead and share your recommendations!

We hope that with this information you will have everything you need to get a top experience while you are at Vortex Coworking Centro, but if you have any questions or need more information, please ask us. Welcome to Vortex Coworking! 

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